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  • goodreads2011

    Good Reads: “Midnight In Paris” & “The Descendants”

    Hey y’all, welcome to Good Reads where we look into what makes the screenplay winners Oscar worthy. 2014, 2013 and 2012 are already covered, now it’s time to look back on two winners that added their statues to a mini collection – Woody Allen’s fourth and Alexander Payne’s second. Next week, The King’s Speech and […] More

  • Oscar Question

    Six Spot #5: Best Director 2011

    Welcome back to The Six Spot!  In case you missed last week’s 2003 Best Actress Six Spot, you can catch it here. This week, we discuss one of the more interesting pre-nomination races of the last decade, the 2011 Best Director race.  Unlike the four previous Six Spots, where we had a ton of non-nominees […] More

  • Editor’s Final Oscar Predictions

    It’s Friday.  Oscars are on Sunday.  I’ve rattled my brain for hours, days, weeks.  It hurts.  I can’t.  I am fully ready to be wrong in many categories.  I also chickened out in several categories. I wanted to put Max Von Sydow instead of Christopher Plummer.  Not happening.  Can I get some type of credit […] More

  • Oscar Circuit: Best Actor

    And the Nominees Are: Demian Bichir for “A Better Life” Oscar scene: Telling his son that he does everything for him George Clooney for “The Descendants” Oscar scene: Saying goodbye to his wife Jean Dujardin for “The Artist” Oscar scene: Our introduction to George Valentin Gary Oldman for “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” Oscar scene: Smiley […] More

  • Making the final case for each Best Picture nominee…

    As you’re reading this, the Oscar voters have already made their final selections for each category of the Academy Awards, and there’s nothing left to do but wait for the results at the awards ceremony on Sunday. It got me to thinking, what kind of case has each Best Picture contender made for their shot […] More

  • ‘The Descendants’ and ‘Midnight in Paris’ take the WGA Awards!

    Yes, things aren’t too clear considering ‘The Artist’ wasn’t eligible (among other films that perhaps could have posed a threat) for the Writers Guild, but this still is good momentum for both Woody Allen and Alexander Payne’s features. As you can see below, this is the full cinematic list of what the WGA Awards look […] More

  • ‘Artist’ and ‘Descendants’ split the 62nd Annual ACE Eddie Awards!

    At this year’s ACE Eddie Awards, a few interesting things of note went down. First off, ‘The Descendants’ perhaps surprisingly won for Drama editing over the likes of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, ‘Hugo’, ‘Moneyball’, and ‘War Horse’. This could actually make it the prime challenger (despite what I wrote in my Oscar Circuit […] More

  • Which Scenes from 2011 will you remember?

    Much like Kris Tapley over at In Contention does his list of the 10 best shots of each year, I like to do something similar as well here at The Awards Circuit. The wrinkle for me is that I go with the best/most memorable scenes of the year. It’s also kind of a tie in/companion […] More

  • 2011 ACCA Winners Announced!

    The 2011 Awards Circuit Community Awards was one of the most diverse and hottest choices this side of the internet.  This is the only site that gives its readership a voice to name his/her favorite films and performances of the year.  With a wide open Oscar race, the ACCA race followed suit as you will […] More

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