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    What’s On TV? (10/01/19)- A Night of Sinister Devils and Witches

    The first day of October has rather spellbinding television watching options. Programs include “Hocus Pocus,” a Halloween fan favorite about evil witches, and the season premiere of “Sorry for Your Loss” starring the Scarlet Witch herself, Elizabeth Olsen. Meanwhile, today’s pick offers a devilishly hilarious look at the fashion industry. PICK OF THE DAY: “The […] More

  • SS Departed

    Six Spot: Three Devils Face Off For A Slot In The 2006 Adapted Screenplay

    Welcome to the lucky number seventh installment of our Six Spot series, spotlighting all the people who came in 6th place at the Oscars. This week, we’re looking at the Adapted Screenplay category. Often times the screenplay categories give us some of our most unique nominees that don’t show up in other categories. There’s an […] More

  • AH S

    Top 10: The Best Anne Hathaway Performances of Her Career

    Oscar winner Anne Hathaway represents an interesting portrait of what it’s like to be an A-list actress in 2019. She has an Oscar, starred in a superhero franchise, and has plenty of critical and audience hits. Despite all this success, Hathaway also has her “Hatha-haters” online. Her perfect demeanor and earnest love and desire for […] More