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    Top 10: 2019 New York Film Festival Titles

    The New York Film Festival is in the books, ladies and gentlemen. 2019 marked another big year for the fest, complete with a massive debut in Martin Scorsese‘s “The Irishman,” as well as a number of other movies that seem poised for major Academy Award attention. So, to close out coverage of the fest, today […] More

  • whistlers

    NYFF Film Review: ‘The Whistlers’ Is a Creative And Entertaining Noir

    2019 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: Detective stories are always better when they have a different kind of spin to them. We’ve had almost a century of hard boiled noirs, of all shapes and sizes, dominating the cinematic landscape. So, to find a new way to tell an old tale worth making a fuss over. “The […] More

  • atlantics atlantique

    NYFF Film Review: ‘Atlantics’ Is An Ambitious Supernatural Mystery

    2019 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: To call “Atlantics” a supernatural drama is to do it a severe injustice. Yes, there is a spectral element here, but filmmaker Mati Diop is thinking far more about ideas than ghosts. With her feature debut, Diop explores Senegalese issues, while still telling a story that anyone can grab on […] More

  • liberte

    NYFF Film Review: ‘Liberté’ Is a Grueling And Vile Experience

    2019 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: Audacious filmmaking almost always deserves to be commended. When a creative force opts for subversion and challenging audiences, knowing full well that their vision won’t be for most folks, that’s brave. However, one must still figure out a way to make their movie more than just that. If that’s not […] More

  • synonyms synonymes

    NYFF Film Review: ‘Synonyms’ Defies Easy Definition

    2019 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: When a storyteller opts to ignore all presumed conventions about their movie, it’s a very compelling thing to witness. That can lead to greatness, a train-wreck, or something in between, but it rarely leads to boredom. “Synonyms,” playing at the New York Film Festival, uses the issue of identity and […] More

  • zombichild banniere02

    NYFF Film Review: ‘Zombi Child’ Mixes the Undead With Voodoo

    2019 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: It’s almost a sure thing that no movie has ever tackled the undead like “Zombi Child” opts to. Nothing about this hybrid coming of age tale resembles anything you’ve seen before in the zombie genre. Frankly, it would be a mistake to label it a “zombie movie” anyhow. This isn’t […] More

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    NYFF Film Review: The Dardennes Depict Radicalization With ‘Young Ahmed’

    2019 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: What does it take to commit a terrorist act? How do young men become radicalized by religion? These are some of the questions that Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne explore in “Young Ahmed,” their latest social thriller. Though less probing than their previous films, a genuine sense of place and a […] More

  • tiff.0

    Circuit Q&A: Which Fall Film Festival Has the Best Lineup?

    Fall and the official launch of awards season is upon us. The best, busiest time of the year for Hollywood, the next four months will see the premieres and reemergence of many high-profile awards contenders. Whether showcasing big debuts from accomplished auteurs that get all the publicity and headlines or shining a spotlight on emerging […] More

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    NYFF Film Review: ‘Mid90s’ is a Lived In Directorial Debut From Jonah Hill

    We’ve reached a point in time where the 1990’s as a setting represents material for a period piece. That makes me feel old, but it also makes Jonah Hill feel nostalgic. His directorial debut “Mid90s” is certainly reflective of a bygone era, but it also manages to be unsentimental. Hill has pulled off an impressive […] More

  • High Life Claire Denis 5

    NYFF Film Review: Robert Pattinson Provides Compelling Work in the Confounding ‘High Life’

    There are times in Claire Denis‘ new movie “High Life” that it’s almost impossible to know what’s on her mind. At other times, the haunting images and strong lead performance from Robert Pattinson shines through. It’s a puzzling bit of cinema playing at the New York Film Festival. Often confounding, nearly impenetrable, and almost impossible […] More

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