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    Favorite Emmy Nominations and Worst Emmy Snubs

    Happy Emmy Nomination Week! This week’s announcement was great for new series (such as series nominees “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “GLOW,” and “Barry”) and returning series who were absent from last year’s Emmys (hello nomination leader “Game of Thrones” with 22 nominations). On the surface, things didn’t seem all that different. Last year’s nomination leaders […] More

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    TV: What if There was an All-Television Award Ballot?

    As a TV critic, the question I get most often is “what should I watch?” It’s a fair question, one that is nearly impossible to ask in the modern TV landscape. With 400 scripted shows (and counting) in 2018, the list of “must-watches” is still very long. It is often easier to default to the […] More

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    ‘The Tale’ Premieres on HBO and Shares Resources for Victims of Abuse

    On Saturday evening, “The Tale” debuted on HBO, after having been one of the most talked about titles at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie is a powerful drama from Jennifer Fox, based on her own experience of sexual abuse growing up. It drew heavy acclaim at Sundance this year, before the cable giant acquired […] More

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    TV Review: Laura Dern is Awards-Worthy in HBO’s ‘The Tale’

    The documentary form commands a great deal of power and prestige. It allows us to explore a new part of our real world through the lens of a documentarian. Jennifer Fox has made a career in this format, exploring Tibetan Buddhism and the Beirut War among other topics in her films. However, the most powerful […] More