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    Film Review: ‘Instant Family’ Wears You Down Until the Tears Flow

    It’s cliche to say that something will make you laugh and make you cry. Occasionally, however, it’s apt. In the case of “Instant Family,” it’s a pretty literal description. Eager to make you chuckle, yet plotting to bring out tears, this comedy initially seems unlikely to pull it off. Then, as things progress, you get […] More

  • Dog Days Garrett and Tara

    Film Review: ‘Dog Days’ Is Charming and Surprisingly Emotional

    In a week that has turned the film conversation toward debating whether “popular” is “award-worthy,” along comes a movie that is, much like your four-legged furkids, just happy to see you. “Dog Days” isn’t going to shift the Oscar conversation, and it doesn’t mean to. Director Ken Marino‘s latest simply wants to make you smile. […] More

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    Jennifer Aniston to Play the President in Tig Notaro’s Netflix Political Comedy ‘First Ladies’

    If you blink, you’re likely to miss about a dozen new films dropping on Netflix. Initially the realm of ambitious original series and popular recent movies/shows, the streaming giant has made massive efforts to stack their shelves with original films. Barely a week goes by that a Netflix Original isn’t released on the series, if […] More

  • One Mississippi

    WATCH: Official Trailer for Amazon’s ‘One Mississippi’ Season 2

    Amazon’s original series “One Mississippi” is returning for a second season, and they have just released the first trailer. From the company: Love is in the air in when we pick back up with Tig (Tig Notaro), her stepfather Bill (John Rothman) and her brother Remy (Noah Harpster), living together again in the family’s home […] More