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  • Tony Curtis 1958

    POLL: Happy Birthday Tony Curtis! Favorite Performance?

    The incomparable Tony Curtis was born on June 3, 1925. He has been a legend of the silver screen since the early 1950s, giving us performances that both tickled our funny bones and tugged at the dramatic heartstrings. He also was married to legendary actress Janet Leigh, and their relationship, in turn, produced a legendary actress […] More

  • some like it hot watching recommendation superJumbo v4

    Historical Circuit: ‘Some Like it Hot’ & Some Like the Past

    At its best, film is a cohesive display of the passions of many. It is an art form where the poetry of words, the harmony of sound and a moving picture come together to tell a story. Film is a showcase of the human condition. The great ones stay with you long after their final […] More