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  • gonegirl

    Top 10: Ben Affleck Performances

    Over the years, Ben Affleck has consistently been undersold as an actor. Sure, his writing and directing have been feted, receiving widespread acclaim and awards attention. Still, Oscar glory has evaded him in front of the camera. Today, we want to remind you all that he’s an underrated actor, one capable of acing both comedic […] More

  • cloverfield.0.0

    Top 10: Best January Releases of All-Time

    If you’re reading this, it stands to reason that you love going to the movies. Unfortunately, if you’re planning on going to the theater right now to see something, it better be for a holdover 2018 release. After all, the month of January is a notorious dumping ground for low quality cinema. No point in […] More

  • kill bill 758 426 81 s c1

    Top 10: Best Revenge Films

    To take revenge is a deeply cinematic endeavor. Since the earliest days of the medium, writers and directors have been utilizing it in their toolbox. Vengeance is one of the most human of emotions, so obviously it translates extraordinarily well to film. Over the years, countless movies have depicted the act of revenge, sometimes as […] More

  • bathroomjpg b21b2b 1280w

    Halloween Madness Top 10: Ranking The ‘Saw’ Franchise

    If it’s Halloween (or Halloween Madness for us), it must be “Saw.” That was the promotion over more than half a decade for one of the horror’s most interesting franchises. With the release of “Jigsaw” (review here), last weekend bringing the series back to theaters now felt like a perfect opportunity to bring back a […] More

  • edwood0670

    Top 10: Best Johnny Depp Performances

    When you bring up the name Johnny Depp, a number of things spring to mind. There’s his personality, of course, but more so, there’s his acting. Over the course of over three decades, he has been a consistent presence on the big screen. With this week’s release of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell […] More

  • top10

    Top Ten Tuesday: Faux Oscar Trailers from the 80s

    Have you ever wondered what might the Oscar race in the 80s have been like? Well taking the lead from Clayton last week, Top Ten Tuesday is taking a look at the films of the 80s that would have seemed like catnip to Oscar voters, only to receive small nomination tallies or none at all. More

  • ShowgirlsScreenshot

    Top Ten Tuesday: Faux Oscar Trailers of the 90’s

    I’m not sure if I’ve been as excited for a “Top Ten Tuesday” more than this one.  This is actually one that might span over two separate editions because there were so many to bring up.  The video above probably says it all.  Simple enough, trailers are a gateway to Oscar prognosticating, not assuming it […] More

  • true blood season 3 episode 1 bad blood 11

    Top Ten Tuesday: True Blood’s Most Iconic Moments

    Did any of you watch True Blood on Sunday? If you did, and are like me, you are glad this show is mercifully coming to the end. The premiere left much to be desired (ie. no resoultion for major storylines that were left in the balance of season 6) and killed off a major character […] More

  • JerseyBoys image

    Top Ten Tuesday: Best Performances in the Movie Musical (Since 2000)

    TOP TEN TUESDAY: Coming later this week, Clint Eastwood gets his hands on the dark shadows of the world and infuses them into the adaptation of the Broadway hit Jersey Boys.  An all-star cast of relative unknown household names will grace the screen.  In celebration of the movie musical, I thought it would be interesting […] More

  • mi4 tom cruise run

    Top Ten Tuesday: Scenes of Tom Cruise Running

    Tom Cruise may not be the last movie star as some have said, but he’s certainly one of the last big names who can sell a property. However, this is not a rumination on his star quality but more specifically, his running ability. Cruise might be the most fun person to see running on screen […] More

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