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    Top 10: TV Series that Deserve Another Season

    Throughout the COVID-19 quarantine, we’ve all streamed tons of content, binging blind spots in our television knowledge. By doing this, you’ll come across many incomplete shows. Some shows got canceled while others were too limited and should’ve had more episodes. Either way, they never gave viewers a proper conclusion to their stories. So with the […] More

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    Top 10: Meryl Streep Characters

    It’s not every day you get to celebrate a living legend. Over a 50-year career, Meryl Streep has captivated us with some of the best work of all time. The New Jersey-born actress has dazzled ever since her breakout performance in “The Deer Hunter,” and has gone on to be the most-nominated actor in Oscar […] More

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    Top 10: Closing Chapters of Trilogies

    The job of the final entry in a trilogy is to successfully wrap up the story we’ve fallen in love with. The best of them also give our favorite characters satisfying conclusions to arcs developed over decades. There’s no better feeling than watching a closing chapter live up to and build upon everything we’ve seen. […] More

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    Top 10: Potential Video Game Movies

    Once upon a time, a video game barely had any story to it. The early days of gaming were centered on simple concepts and basic controls, a far cry from what we have now. Currently, they can rival film, in terms of their plot based ambitions. However, in turning a video game into a movie, […] More

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    Top 10: Ben Affleck Performances

    Over the years, Ben Affleck has consistently been undersold as an actor. Sure, his writing and directing have been feted, receiving widespread acclaim and awards attention. Still, Oscar glory has evaded him in front of the camera. Today, we want to remind you all that he’s an underrated actor, one capable of acing both comedic […] More

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    Top 10: Best Scores and Soundtracks of 2019

    Throughout history, music has been an essential component to the cinematic experience. Even back in the silent era, films had amazing scores that helped to fully tell the story. Nowadays, we see, or more accurately hear, powerful scores and catchy soundtracks that elevate movies to the highest levels. As part of our celebration of the […] More

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    Top 10: Most Anticipated 2020 Releases

    As we say goodbye to 2019 and the 2010s, a new decade of cinematic history begins. From big-budget musicals to superhero adventures to directors passion projects, 2020 looks to offer a wide variety of reasons to head to the theaters. This list was tough to put together, considering the number of titles to choose from. […] More

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    Top 10: Tom Hanks Oscar Snubs

    There are not many actors in this world you can say are universally loved. They are individuals who can do no wrong, who consistently entertaining us with each project they deliver. If you were putting a list together of those likable people, Tom Hanks would it on the top of many lists. The two time […] More

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    Top 10: Mark Ruffalo Performances

    Hardworking, engaging and consistent are great descriptions of the work Mark Ruffalo puts into every performance. From playing cops to fathers to transforming into the biggest character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he can do it all. In honor of his newest project “Dark Waters,” here are the top ten performances from one of the […] More

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    Top 10: Best Performances In Kevin Smith Films

    Throughout the filmography of Kevin Smith, his work has been littered with underrated performances. In honor of his most recent outing “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,” which we reviewed last week, we’re going to be looking at some of the acting turns that most made his dialogue soar throughout the years. Smith has always been […] More

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