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    TV Review: Ryan Murphy’s ‘Hollywood’ Never Dazzles

    Few titles are as big or grand as “Hollywood,” the latest Ryan Murphy series for Netflix. Unfortunately, the title fits the project. “Hollywood” comes adorned with all the bells, whistles, and money that a streaming giant that doesn’t report ratings can afford. Its scope also makes it feel hollow, grandiose, and, at times, unfinished. Murphy’s […] More

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    TV Review: ‘Defending Jacob’ Is Guilty of Cheap Storytelling

    How far would you go to clear your son’s name? The title “Defending Jacob” suggests that the story will be one of a Father’s heroism in the face of a legal system that doesn’t believe his child. There will be intrigue. There will be justice. By God, there will be speeches upon speeches. “Defending Jacob” […] More

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    TV Review: ‘Feel Good’ Has Heart, but Lacks Polish

    It’s hard to date a comedian. It’s hard to date an addict. Sexuality is fluid, and sometimes that can be hard to navigate. We’ve seen stories deal with these topics before. Netflix’s latest sitcom, “Feel Good,” doesn’t do a whole lot to reinvent the wheel. Yet, there’s enough heart, sincerity and wit behind Mae Martin’s new […] More

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    AwardsCircuit Announces Community Engagement Initiative During Coronavirus Outbreak

    The Coronavirus disease (or COVID-19) has wreaked havoc on the world, resulting in the closures of schools, movie theaters, restaurants, and other healthy, everyday activities for humans. In the United States, as of Tuesday, March 16, more than 4,500 people have tested positive for COVID-19, and at least 88 have died. Globally, the death toll […] More

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    TV Review: Zoe Kravitz Wows in the Excellent “High Fidelity”

    The remake machine has given us many unnecessary incarnations of our favorite stories. In particular, Hulu recently adapted the wonderful 1994 film “Four Weddings and a Funeral” into a truly ghastly, overlong season of streaming television. All this set my expectations low for Hulu’s “High Fidelity,” a remake of the Stephen Frears 2000 adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel. Instead, […] More

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    TV Review: ‘Utopia Falls’ Short of Expectations

    Not all ingredients mix well together. Anchovies don’t pair well with chocolate. You wouldn’t put vinegar in your coffee. Blending sci-fi, YA drama, and hip hop musical make for a similarly unpleasant mix. “Utopia Falls” combines so many disparate elements together to diminishing results. The sci-fi plot machinations undermine the more fun musical elements of […] More

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    TV Review: “The Outsider” Proves Some Mysteries Should Remain Unsolved

    Whenever one project succeeds, without fail Hollywood always green-lights a series of knock offs. “True Detective” season one kick-started the prestige HBO mystery genre. Stephen King adaptations have been around as long as Stephen King has been writing. The recent Emmy success of “Ozark” proves you can win over critics and audiences if you shoot the […] More

  • the witcher

    TV Review: ‘The Witcher’ Casts a Numbing and Intriguing Spell

    Henry Cavill’s defining role has been Superman, a symbol of nobility and hope. In the new series “The Witcher,” however, he plays someone more in line with Wolverine from the “X-Men” series. Monster hunter Geralt of Rivia is a gruff loner at odds with humankind. Although he fights off evil monsters, Geralt feels disillusionment over […] More

  • The Moodys

    TV Review: Series Premiere “The Moodys” Delivers All the Feels

    A time honored tradition during the holidays is the choice between a saccharine sweet “Miracle on 34th Street,” or, on the other side of the spectrum, “Die Hard.” This year FOX is delivering a bite-size option for the television crowd that is sure to satisfy those in the middle: “The Moodys.”  This limited series opens […] More

  • Merry Happy Whatever Family

    TV Review: ‘Merry Happy Whatever’ Is as Exciting as Its Title Suggests

    When you’re tired of catching up with your family, and all the football games are over, Netflix has a new family sitcom for you. In “Merry Happy Whatever,” Dennis Quaid returns to television as Don Quinn, the overbearing patriarch of a close-knit family. It has been three years since Don’s wife died and their four […] More

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