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    Martin Scorsese to Team With Paul Schrader on ‘The Card Counter’

    Academy Award winner Martin Scorsese is set to collaborate with Academy Award nominee Paul Schrader once again, as reported by Deadline. Schrader will direct the revenge thriller “The Card Counter” while Scorsese, coming off his Oscar nominations for “The Irishman,” is set to executive produce. This will mark the fifth time the pair have worked […] More

  • The Mountain | Rick Alverson

    Film Review: Tye Sheridan Seeks Refuge in ‘The Mountain’

    As studios compete for prime box office position with big budgets and flashy titles, it’s refreshing to be reminded there are still artists committed to more introspective portraits of quieter lives. Rick Alverson returns this week with “The Mountain,” a 1950s era story that, much like its main character, conveys deep emotion with few words. […] More

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    Sci-Fi Fridays: 10 Films to Look Forward to in 2018

    Science fiction is a genre that endures because its ambition coincides with cinema’s neverending quest to reinvent the film experience. Each year, the genre delivers new avenues of visual and mental stimulation. Of course, there’s always the welcome abandon of scientific logic for escapist fun. Either way, 2018 is bound to satisfy all experiential preferences. […] More

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    WATCH: Warner Bros Unveils New Trailer for ‘Ready Player One’

    Warner Bros released a new trailer for the upcoming adventure movie, “Ready Player One.” The film is based on the novel by Ernest Cline, and directed by Steven Spielberg. Zak Penn adapted the novel into the screenplay. The synopsis is: When the creator of a virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, he releases a […] More

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    WATCH: ‘Ready Player One’ Shines a Light on Director Steven Spielberg With Behind-the-Scenes Trailer

    “Ready Player One’s” latest trailer shines the spotlight on the man who shaped 1980s cinema: director Steven Spielberg (“The Post“). Titled “See the Future,” the trailer goes behind the scenes with novelist Ernest Cline, who tells us about his love of Spielberg’s movies which inspired the themes in his best-selling novel. We then switch over to […] More

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    WATCH: Second Trailer, Official Poster for ‘Ready Player One’ Are Full of 80’s Easter Eggs

    The first, full-length trailer for Steven Spielbierg’s “Ready Player One” hit the internet this Sunday with a closer look at OASIS and a treasure trove of 1980’s easter eggs. A new poster for the film (pictured below) was also released, inspiring fans to Photoshop their own takes on Tye Sheridan’s (“X-Men: Apocalypse”) mysteriously long leg. […] More