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    TV Review: HBO’s ‘The Plot Against America’ is an Alternative History That Hits Close to Home

    What a crazy world we live in. Now imagine we have a celebrity president running the country and seeming to be doing the bidding of a foreign power while slowly eroding the rights and civil liberties of a certain subset of our citizens. That’s the premise set forth in HBO’s new six-episode limited series “The […] More

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    INTERVIEW: Mary Zophres Talks Costume Design, Her Oscar Nomination, and The Coens

    Throughout her career, costume designer Mary Zophres has worked for some of the biggest filmmakers in Hollywood. Nominated for multiple Oscars in her career, her designs are instantly noticeable. Last year, she had a pair of projects that offered up some of the most distinctive costumes of the season. So, to get inside her head […] More

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    New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (10/16/18) – ‘Ant-Man’ Comes Home to Play

    This week, one of the most amusing installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to Blu-Ray and DVD. The “Ant-Man” movies have always been the lighter segments of the MCU, with that especially being the case this most recent time around. With a relatively light slate today, it easily takes the top spot. Read on […] More

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    NYFF Film Review: ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’ Is a Thematically Charged Anthology Showcasing Tim Blake Nelson

    2018 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: In the offbeat, quirky nature of all Coen Brothers outings, “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” has the life and energy we’ve come to love from the writing/directing duo.  Saturated with comical beats and heavenly production values, the film manifests its own identity, standing out in a year full of impressive […] More

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    NYFF Film Review: ‘Wildlife’ Gets the Best out of Carey Mulligan and Ed Oxenbould

    2018 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: Directorial debuts have not had such an assurance in framing and messaging as we see in Paul Dano‘s highly effective “Wildlife.”  Taking a hard, and deeply felt look into divorce and its interpretations through the eyes of a child, Dano magnifies the source material by pulling out extraordinary performances from his […] More

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    WATCH: ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’ Brings the Coen Brothers Back to the West

    There are few directors in the world that can get cinephiles as excited as the Coen Brothers. The famed directors duo broke into the mainstream long ago, with the instantaneous hits “Blood Simple” and “Raising Arizona” in the 1980s. Since then, they’ve released several cultural touchstones, including “Fargo” and “No Country for Old Men,” which […] More

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    WATCH: Trailer for Paul Dano’s Directorial Debut ‘Wildlife’ Packs a Punch

    Paul Dano has long been one of the most exciting young actors in the business. Still in his early 30’s, he’s been in the business for two decades. From a teenager starting out to currently being someone able to navigate seamlessly between Hollywood and the independent film world, Dano has a lot to offer. Now, […] More

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    Circuit Considerations: Ray Romano in ‘The Big Sick’ for Best Supporting Actor

    Oscar ballots were sent to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, or better known as the Academy members, on Friday, Jan. 5.  We’ll be using the next week to remind the voting membership of our favorite films and performance of 2017 that they should consider when filling out their ballots!  If you missed one, […] More

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    Best of 2017: The Unconventional Categories Part 2

    Continuing the Unconventional Citations of 2017, where I remember the little things that hopefully cinephiles talk about around the cooler, lunch table, or the “safe haven” of a message board or chat. Go to the gallery below and check out the citations, along with nominees in select categories. The winners of those will be announced […] More

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    Film Review: ‘The Big Sick’ Prescribes Tons of Emotion and Laughter

    Quite honestly, “The Big Sick” should not work nearly as well as it does. Mixing comedy and a potentially terminal illness is a tricky tightrope to walk. “50/50” was able to do it tremendously well. Judd Apatow divided audiences and critics when he tried it with “Funny People.” Now as just a producer, Apatow has […] More

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