‘The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales’ Returning to Theaters with British Voice Cast


GKIDS and StudioCanal have just announced that they will be re-releasing the animated story collection, “The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales” in English.

The film was released in French last year, and appeared at a few festivals earlier in 2018. It was directed by Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert, featuring a talented cast of French actors.

“The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales” is a collection of short stories centering around barnyard animals known simply as Duck, Pig, Wolf, Chicken, etc. There are three separate stories, connected by the theme of the animals performing a play.

One tale follows a fox who steals chicken eggs, but when they hatch, the baby chicks think he is their mother and he ends up raising them instead of eating them. In another, a stork crashes en route to deliver a baby, and it is up to Pig, Duck, and Rabbit to finish the mission. And the final story follows Duck as he tries to fulfill his dream of being Santa Claus.

The collection of tales are hand drawn, with humor and style that are reminiscent of Looney Toons cartoons. Which many have noticed, and which is actually how the studio described it in their press release.

The British voice cast will include Bill Bailey (“Hot Fuzz”), Adrian Edmondson (“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”), Justin Edwards (“Paddington 2”). Matthew Goode (“Watchmen”), Celia Imrie (“Finding Your Feet”), and Phil Jupitus (“Bottom Knocker Street”) also lend their voices.

GKIDS is the studio behind such beloved films as “Ernest & Celestine,” “My Life as a Zucchini,” and “The Breadwinner.” The studio has earned several Academy Award nominations for their excellent and unique storytelling. In 2017, they also launched the Animation Is Film Festival in Hollywood, to promote the importance of animation as a medium.

The English dubbed version of “The Big Bad Fox” will be out in theaters this fall, though no specific date was announced. Check out the trailer here:

Have you seen “The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales?” What do you think of the decision to re-release it in English? Comment below and share your thoughts!