The Big Bang Theory Recap – 18.22: The Graduation Transmission



During this week’s episode of “Big Bang” Howard asks, “what happened to me?” After the last couple weeks, it might be time to start asking that same question about the show.

“The Graduation Transmission” gets its name because Leonard and Penny are all set to go to Leonard’s old high school where he is slated to give a commencement speech. Just as they are about to head out to the airport, Leonard gets a message that their flight has been cancelled due to a major storm. Penny tries to cheer Leonard up by working it out that he can give his commencement speech over Skype to the new graduates. He gets about halfway through his speech before he realizes he is boring everyone, so instead he wings it and gives a heartfelt message to the ‘invisible kids,’ like he was, and essentially tells them that it will get better.

The-Big-Bang-Theory-The-Graduation-Transmission-Season-8-Episode-22-01Also in the episode, Raj buys a toy drone, but when his father finds out about it he tells Raj he is taking away his allowance. Raj is devastated, but almost immediately sweet talks his mother while planting seeds that her recently divorced husband is using his money to have an active social life. It works; she gives him money. Raj’s father calls him back and Raj does the same thing with his father. So now, instead of being poor, Raj is richer than ever.

While Raj’s problems stemmed from the drone, Howard and Sheldon’s problem is the drone. These two geniuses can’t get this little toy to work, which is especially frustrating to engineer Howard. After exhausting all options, Howard reluctantly relents to calling tech support, but they aren’t much help, as the drone starts to take off and fly around the apartment on its own.

The whole episode just had the air of laziness to it. Leonard and Penny’s flight gets cancelled, but why? It’s not funny, it doesn’t have any real effect on what happens and they even created a whole set for the high school. The only thing positive that comes out of it is a couple of cute scenes with Leonard and Penny, but it begs the question, why hasn’t there been any movement, and barely any mention, of their wedding? With Raj, his problems are solved almost instantly, and in fact he gets off better than ever without actually learning anything. Eight years in with 24 episodes a season, you know they can’t all be golden, but at they should at least feel like the creative team is trying.

Anyway, here are the best jokes of this week, for what it was:

  • Penny: Never been to New Jersey before. Leonard: It gets a bad rep from shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Real Housewives.’ Penny: It’s not like that? Leonard: No, it is.
  • Penny: Will we have time to see your mom? Leonard: Yes, but we’ll also have time to crush my nuts in a garlic press, but we’re not doing that either.
  • Mr. Koothrappali: You spent a whole month’s rent on a toy helicopter? Raj: Oh, you’re where that bill goes to.
  • Penny: I got you a little something to cheer you up. Leonard: Sex last night, pancakes this morning and now this. Am I dying?
  • Howard: I have a master’s degree in engineering, I wipe my bottom with the warranty, except for Apple care, that pays for itself.
  • Bernadette: Why don’t you call tech support? Howard: There are two types of people in this world, those who call tech support and those who make fun of the people who call tech support. Bernadette: I call tech support all the time. Everyone: Ha!
  • Howard: (calling tech support) It will probably go to some foreign guy reading the same manual I have. (Raj’s phone rings) Raj: It’s my father, you jerks.