The Big Bang Theory Recap: 7.11 “The Cooper Extraction”


It’s a bit weird to see an episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon, arguably the main reason why we watch the show in the first place, isn’t in it very much. He was present, but not completely. Let me tell you, his absence was felt. The ensemble can’t function without him. So, bravo to Jim Parsons for carrying this show so well for 7 seasons now.

Sheldon is going home to Texas to assist his sister while she gives birth. So, the rest of the gang, plus Stuart, decorate the Christmas tree in his apartment while he’s away. Of course, Sheldon keeps in touch via video chat while the birth is going on and after it’s all done. When he’s not on screen, everyone else minus Amy is actually pretty relieved that he’s not there. If he was, they’d have to worry about where to put certain stuff on the tree and whatnot. Amy, however, is a bit hurt by their joy and reminds them that they somehow wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for Sheldon.

For instance, Penny would have never met Leonard if he wasn’t living across the hall with Sheldon. Therefore, they most likely would have never met and because of that, Bernadette also wouldn’t be with Howard. We actually get to see scenarios of what their lives would have been like without having each other, which is pretty weird and cool. Amy would have been desperately alone. You can really tell how much she cares for Sheldon in this episode. Unfortunately, she doesn’t think the feeling is mutual. So, Leonard gives her an early Christmas present by showing her that she is Sheldon’s screensaver. Well, one of her pictures is part of his screensaver. The rest are pictures of the dead and old. She’ll take it.

When Sheldon comes back, Amy tries to get him to open up by telling her that he missed her when he was gone. He doesn’t say it, but you can tell that he’s becoming more open with his girlfriend. That is always welcome.

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