The Big Bang Theory Recap – 8.03: The First Pitch Insufficiency

big bang theory season 8 episode 3


The baseball playoffs get underway this week and “The Big Bang Theory” is getting in on the action. Howard is asked to throw out the first pitch out at an Angel’s game for their Space Day. Surprise, surprise, Howard isn’t exactly much of an athlete. Much like Howard’s athletic prowess, this week’s episode of “The Big Bang” was just a bit outside.

Shortly after finding about the opportunity to throw out the first pitch, Howard attempts to practice in Leonard and Sheldon’s living room on a video game. Raj helps Howard with another side of America’s past time – the taunting, calling him a jackass.

Bernadette does her best to actually prepare Howard to throw a real baseball, but she definitely had her hands full. Between Howard’s ridiculous warm-up, where he readjusts his crotch and does some lunges, and his inability to throw the ball within a country mile of Bernadette, Howard realizes he is in way over his head. As a result, he comes up with a new way to throw out the first pitch, by having a prototype of the Mars rover deliver the ball. Unfortunately, Howard didn’t realize how slow the rover actually moves and the fans, including Raj and Sheldon, start to boo him.

big-bang-theory-season-8-episode-3While not exactly riveting, that part of the episode had its own merits. The subplot of Sheldon, Amy, Penny and Leonard going on a double date did not, despite being the funnier of the two plots, though that is primarily due to the ever reliable pairing of Sheldon and Amy.

With Sheldon forced to make-up some of the date nights between him and Amy from when he was traveling the country due to their relationship agreement, Sheldon looks to find a loophole by inviting Penny and Leonard for a double date. Amy nips that idea in the butt, but they all decide to go anyway. While on their way to the restaurant Sheldon mentions how his and Amy’s relationship is the best in their group of friends; this irks Leonard particularly.

Sheldon reveals that his claim is based on an actual study and Leonard wants to try and apply it to him and Penny to see how they would actually score. Penny doesn’t want to and when Leonard asks why she is worried about their impending marriage because they don’t have anything in common – Leonard admits that that is sometimes a concern of his too. Penny finally relents to taking the test, but Leonard says they don’t have to, confident that the test wouldn’t show just how well they really work together.

It’s a sweet moment, but one we’ve seen so many times before. The show has made the point a number of times that Penny and Leonard are miles apart in their interests, but that they are able to put that aside and love each other anyway. After eight years of that being one of the key cogs in the whole will-they-won’t-they dynamic, we don’t need to be reminded of it every season, especially when they resolve the issue as swiftly as they do here.

Just in case you were wondering, this is how Sheldon ranked the couples in their group of friends:

  1. Sheldon and Amy
  2. Howard and Bernadette
  3. Raj and Emily (who we still haven’t seen this season)
  4. Penny and Chardonnay (Penny corrects him that she drinks sauvignon blanc)
  5. Leonard and Penny

Anyway, here are some of the best jokes from this week:

  • In an attempt to prove they have some athletic prowess, Sheldon reminds Penny of the gang’s quiditch team. Penny responds, “Seeing your boyfriend run around with a broom between hi legs is not something you forget.”
  • Penny makes a quip remark Leonard shortly after Sheldon reveals his rankings, where Amy says “You’d never hear her talk that way to sauvignon blanc.”
  • Sheldon says everything is quantifiable, Leonard asks ‘how ridiculous are you,’ Penny quickly responds “a hundred.”
  • Amy relents to Sheldon counting their double date as two because “they’re a lot of work.”
  • After Leonard admits that he is scared about he and Penny not having much in common, Penny says “You’re blind infatuation with me was the rock this marriage was going to be based on.”
  • Howard has a Skype call with one of his former astronauts to try and get some advice about giving out the first pitch. He doesn’t offer any good advice, but tells him to give Bernadette a hug. “She’s so much cuter than you, I don’t know how you got her.” Bernadette, who overheard this, says “He’s so nice.”

What were some of your favorite bazingas from this week? Leave your comments below.

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