The Big Bang Theory Recap – 8.19: The Skywalker Incursion



One thing you have to respect about “The Big Bang Theory” is its ability to get some huge cameos from the biggest names in science and geek culture. Leonard Nimoy, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Steve Wozniak and even Stephen Hawking have all met up with Sheldon and the gang. We almost got another one this week.

Leonard and Sheldon are invited to UC Berkley to give a speech on their research, but on the way they decide to make a detour to Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas’ home and headquarters. Determined to meet the man who created “Star Wars,” Sheldon and Leonard do their best to get in, but the closest they get is the security office after Sheldon makes a run for the ranch and gets tasered by security guards.

So just like our thwarted heroes, “The Big Bang Theory” wasn’t able to snag the white whale that would have been George Lucas. Who knows, it took them a couple times to land Hawking, maybe someday Lucas will make a cameo.

106186_WB_0510bcAway from Leonard and Sheldon’s adventure, the rest of the gang dealt with their own piece of sci-fi lore. As they are cleaning out Howard’s mothers garage, Bernadette and Howard get in an argument over what they are going to do with Howard’s full-scale replica of Doctor Who’s Tardis. They decide to settle it over a game of ping-pong, but since they don’t want someone to have an unfair advantage, they get Raj and Amy to be their champions (Penny played at first, but quickly realizes she doesn’t care).

Bernadette is determined to get the Tardis out though, as Amy is about to win the game for Howard, she mentions how much Sheldon would enjoy the Tardis being the entranceway to her bedroom. Amy folds and gets the Tardis. It doesn’t work out as planned, as Sheldon is too busy playing Doctor Who than to pay much attention too Amy.

Though we didn’t get to see Lucas, the antics tonight were enjoyable, especially the ping-pong game. Overall, a solid episode.

Here are some of the best jokes:

  • Sheldon continuously makes references to songs, including “Play that Funky Music,” but doesn’t know where they are from
  • Penny: Bernadette, for every episode of ‘Doctor Who’ Leonard has made me watch I will play for you to send that Tardis back to Gallifrey where it belongs, and I hate that I know that.
    • Penny apparently is a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan though. Penny: I like that show, it has dragons and people doing it.
  • Leonard doesn’t think they can get past the gate outside Skywalker Ranch – Sheldon: Is that the attitude that helped you get Penny? Leonard: No, but I don’t have three years to make that gate feel sorry for me.
  • After Raj decides to play for Bernadette so he can get the Tardis – Howard: I thought our friendship meant more. Raj: I did too.
  • Sheldon: For all the times you find me irritating, today you got to watch me be shot with a taser.