The Blu Circuit – TV Edition


Check out the Emmy-winning third season of ‘Modern Family’ on Blu-ray.

Yesterday we rounded up some Blu-ray and DVD film releases for your viewing pleasure. Today we’ve decided to highlight some TV shows that might have slipped by your notice over the past few weeks.

American Horror Story: The Complete First Season 

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: September 25

I couldn’t make it past the pilot – it was too goofy and over the top for my tastes – but this show has obviously found itself a healthy-sized audience. At any rate, this is the perfect month to check out the series if you haven’t already, so let us know what you think.

Modern Family: The Complete Third Season

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: September 18

The biggest comedy on TV dipped a bit in quality during its third season.  It feels like they’ve assigned each character one defining note and keep tapping it over and over again. But what do I know? Modern Family just won the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy for the third year in a row.

How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Seventh Season

DVD Release Date: October 2

This TV series proved once and for all that Doogie Howser is awesome.

New Girl: The Complete First Season

DVD Release Date: October 2

For my money, this show is among the best half-hour comedies on TV (along with 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation).  Everyone’s go-to favorite character seems to be Schmidt, but I actually like Nick the best. He’s the perfect mix of hobo, old man, and sarcastic – can’t say we’ve ever quite seen that combo anywhere before. I do have one gripe, however, and it’s with the title. The main character is no longer “new.” Should they change it to Old Girl? (I’ll be here all week, folks!)

Bones: The Complete Seventh Season

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: October 9

Anyone ever notice that two Joss Whedon alums, Nathan Fillion and David Boreanaz, are now both on quirky, sexual-tension-fueled crime-solving TV shows? Anyway, if anything else, this series yet again proves that the Moonlighting formula will always find an audience.

The League: Season Three

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: October 9

While the quality of this show also dipped a bit during its third season, it is nonetheless still worth checking out. A love of football, fantasy or otherwise, is not required for your enjoyment.

Will you be watching any of these TV shows this week?