‘The Bourne Legacy’ moves its release date to avoid ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The studio thinks Jason Bourne is no match for Batman…

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is going to make a lot of money, that’s for sure. The question is just how much, and how long it’ll reign at the top of the box office charts. Universal isn’t sure how much money the Warner Brothers flick will take in, but it’s probably enough to potentially affect their franchise film ‘The Bourne Legacy’. The Playlist is reporting here that the studio is bumping its release date by a week to avoid Batman as best as possible. After the jump you can see how the schedule now shapes up, but I think this makes sense. Bourne should be a fun flick, but it’s no Batman…

On July 20th, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ opens unopposed (unless you expect some sort of surge from the indie documentary ‘The Queen of Versailles’), with a clear path the next week as well, since the 27th only holds the likes of ‘The Watch’, ‘Step Up Revolution’ and ‘Killer Joe’ (‘Ruby Sparks’ opens on the 25th as well, strong counter-programming). August is where things get interesting. August 3rd was supposed to have ‘The Bourne Legacy’ competing against the remake of ‘Total Recall’, but as mentioned above it’s now in the safer confines of August 10th, with the likes of ‘The Campaign’, ‘Hope Springs’, and ‘Red Hook Summer’. Overall, a good move, I think.

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