The Dark Knight Rises VLOG Review (****)


Yes, The Dark Knight has indeed “RISEN” this weekend. It’s hard to discuss Nolan’s new film without centering on the devastating events of this weekend: The Aurora Theater Shootings. It goes without saying that there are very cruel and evil people in this world, and their acts will never make sense to us. What we can do is just surround ourselves with our family and our friends, and enjoy each and every day with them just a little harder. Like my colleagues, I also agree that now is not the time to be fearful of going to the cinema — we have to make a stand and show our strength and our inability to crumble as a society when evil and tragedy meet us head on, or else people like this weekend’s shooter (who isn’t even worth mentioning by name) will win. Our prayers go to the families of this tragedy, and I hope they find some comfort knowing that the world stands behind them in support.

Joey, John, and Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis have all contributed reviews of this film. I know it seems like we’re on review overload at times on this site, but for significant films like this, I believe everyone has appreciated each of our different takes on The Dark Knight Rises. While my film score my not differ from John and Joeys’ reviews, I want to tackle this review differently than anything I’ve done before: I’ll be reviewing this film in VLOG format. Sorry if I haven’t been making the rounds with my razor in awhile, but I thought I’d review The Dark Knight Rises by explaining — through spoken words — why I feel this particular film is its own brand of masterpiece cinema. The video review is divided into two parts, so I hope you all enjoy whilst watching/listening (*and I apologize for the sound echo — try to hone in on what I’m saying, which is easier if you use one ear bud*)…