The Golden Globes reject ‘The Help’ as a Comedy!


Buried in the story below on Comedy’s chances at the Oscars is a small remark by Pete Hammond about ‘The Help’ submitting itself as a Comedy to the Hollywood Foreign Press but being turned down.  In case anyone missed that, I wanted to give them the quote again.  Here it is:

On Monday an HFPA committee rejected it in comedy and determined that it would compete as a drama where it will now go head to head with Disney/DreamWorks’ other big hopeful, War Horse (assuming both get nominated as seems likely). It’s not surprising. At a recent event I attended a lot of HFPA members were voicing concerns about having to judge The Help as a comedy. The film was indeed initially sold by Disney and DreamWorks with an emphasis on its lighter elements and past Globe winners in the category such as Driving Miss Daisy were similar in tone. Still that would have meant Viola Davis would compete in the Best Actress-Comedy or Musical category and no matter how you slice it her character, a civil rights era maid, just wasn’t that funny.

I also find it interesting in the previous post that they mentioned ‘The Descendants’ thought about this move as well, but opted for Drama.   So there’s that…

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