The Off-Season Gap


After last night’s, I’ll just say average, Golden Globe Awards, and Thursday’s spectacular Critics Choice Movie Awards, we are in full swing of awards season and just nearly one week away from the Oscar nominations.  More importantly, the sad thing is that after February 26, 2012, sites like the Awards Circuit, Awards Daily, etc. can become a wasteland.  Nothing for us to talk about except next year’s ceremony which can be simply pulling at straws and creating discussion.  Obviously on the site we’ll be talking about Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” to get us through the year.

Not sure if I’m as clear as I want to be here at the Awards Circuit, but I want to make this website a place where we can speak about anything.  Where music can be a bit daunting to talk about, though completely available and welcomed to talk about, I don’t expect to generate lots of discussion on this front.  We can talk about Adele’s next album (when her voice gets better) or Haley Reinhart’s new single coming out March 1st, I hope we can.

Staff Writers Anna Belickis and Joseph Braverman along with myself will be tackling television reviews regularly here on the Awards Circuit.  While our core and soul is film and awards, and always will be, I recognize the need and ability to talk about the great (and not so great) things that are on television.  I’m sure many of you were ecstatic when Jessica Lange won her much deserved Golden Globe for FX’s hit show “American Horror Story.”  Why not talk about it?

Also, do any of our readership of any ideas to spice up the off-season and some things you would like to see?  Obviously we kick ACCA (Past Years) into high gear but what else would you like to see more of?  Please let me know either in the comment section or write me directly here.

We have a big premiere week ahead of us starting with the series premiere of JJ Abrams’ “Alcatraz.”  New episodes of “Mike & Molly,” “New Girl” with Zooey Deschanel, the fantastic “Modern Family” and in its eleventh season “American Idol.”  What shows would you like covered?  What do you want to talk about?  Are you a reality junkie like me?  Then you probably watch “Teen Mom 2” or “Jersey Shore” just to laugh at American entertainment be as “trash-tastic” as anything else out there.

Hope to hear from you soon!  Comment.