The Orchard Picks Up ‘All About Nina’


Last month, we raved about Eva Vives‘ movie “All About Nina,” which was one of the big success stories of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. In our review, star Mary Elizabeth Winstead was called nomination worthy. Here’s a sample bit: “Blisteringly funny, unexpectedly emotional, and filled with justified anger, there’s a lot to say within the picture. Buoyed by the best work of Mary Elizabeth Winstead‘s career, you can’t help but be impressed by this film.” At the time, coming out of Tribeca, the film did not have distribution, which was surprising. Sure, the movie has some dark content, but it’s so well done, it seems sure to have life outside of a festival. Well, that’s done now, as a distributor has come aboard.

According to Variety, The Orchard has acquired “All About Nina” and will be giving it is release. No word yet on when, but this does seem like strong enough work to warrant a fall 2018 date. Often, films picked up at this fest wait until the next year to come out, but this might be an exception. Co-starring Common, this dramedy announces Vives as a real talent to watch out for behind the camera. In addition, if handled right, Winstead’s performance is the sort of thing a dark horse Best Actress candidacy was made for.

Here’s a bit from the announcement:

The movie received favorable reviews when it premiered last month, and it’s at the Cannes market selling international territories. “’All About Nina’ is a rare film in its honesty and its comedy, which is clearly a testament to Eva and Mary’s tireless work in bringing this story to the screen,” said Paul Davidson, EVP of Film and TV, The Orchard. “We know audiences will fall for this film and we are excited to take this journey with them and a team of producers for whom we have the greatest respect and admiration.”

Whenever it does come out, “All About Nina” is a must see. Vives’ directorial debut is something special. Once The Orchard reveals it to the world, you’ll see why.