The sequel to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ announces new Writing Team


I find this news to be somewhat odd, but also one that makes sense. Sony apparently was completely in love with the script that James Vanderbilt turned in for the ‘Spider-Man’ reboot and had him write a draft for the sequel, but they’re only using it as a first draft, much like with ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. For this reboot, they tinkered with the screenplay a bunch (including re-writes by Steve Kloves and Alvin Sargent), though that’s nothing new for this sort of flick and hardly a measure of quality, so it’s not incredibly shocking that he won’t be returning for more work on the sequel. The next film’s writing duties will be taken over by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, a duo who’ve inspired my ire for the ‘Transformers’ films and my appreciation for their reboot of ‘Star Trek’, so they’re certainly a mixed bag. After the jump I’ll get into the announcement more, but if nothing else it suggests that the studio is expecting big things for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, and perhaps rightly so going by what I saw a few months ago at their presentation of footage.

My best guess here is that Sony felt that they had the character and emotional issues down pat with Vanderbilt’s draft of the sequel, and wanted to bring on Kurtzman and Orci to broaden the scope of the film. That’s my hope at least, though it remains to be seen what will ultimately happen here. I was impressed by Marc Webb’s direction during the aforementioned presentation that I was invited to a few months ago, so bringing him back could be as important as anything else. This is something we’ll be able to discuss more once ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ opens in July, so stay tuned…

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