‘The Simpsons’ Season 15 on DVD and Blu-Ray!


When it comes to the difficulties of buying a gift during the holidays, sometimes it’s just best to go with what you know. Nearly everyone at one point has encountered The Simpsons, so why not satisfy your love of America’s favorite dysfunctional family by checking out the newly released 15th Season on either Blu-Ray or DVD? With popular episodes like “My Mother the Carjacker,” “Diatribe of a Mad Housewife,” and “Simple Simpson,” it’s hard to argue against the overall quality of the season. “The Regina Monologues” episode even topped A.V. Club’s 2009 list of “10 Best Simpsons Episodes from the Past Five Seasons.” The season’s partial focus on The War in Iraq — which had of course commenced that year (2003) — was a hot topic of discussion amongst fans, critics and even some higher-ups in government. Tony Blair’s vocal participation in “The Regina Monologues” caused somewhat of a controversy since his country, and America, expected him to fully invest every hour of his daily life towards the war effort in Iraq. This season is also infamous for showcasing the first real “acting” chops of Simon Cowell, whose television stardom thanks to American Idol was then at an all-time high. As always, revisiting The Simpsons in these Blu-Ray/DVD box sets means re-experiencing the year of its release. Beyond staying true to its timeless formula and poignant humor, The Simpsons Season 15 is as historically significant as a 2003 time capsule.

So what’s in store for us later this season — Season 24 — in 2013? As you may have already noticed, The Simpsons has been very heavy on guest-stars as of late, trying to get every actor in that they can before the show begins its possible final stretch. That was none more obvious than the season opener, “Moonshine River,” where the Simpsons gang goes to New York and encounters celebrities ranging from Natalie Portman to Al Roker, and even Oscar® contender, Anne Hathaway. By properly balancing extra depths of character development, appropriate and timely pop culture references, and a plethora of celebrity visits, The Simpsons is now in a position of reinventing itself for the future. Executive Producer Al Jean recently told Entertainment Weekly that he’s aiming for a goal of 30 seasons, so expect a lot of nostalgic hat-tipping to Simpsons past combined with a wattage of star power for the remainder of the 24th season. Guest stars to appear at a later date include Justin Bieber, Edward Norton, Tina Fey and…Seth MacFarlane? Yes, although Family Guy is a competitor, it’s also a FOX sibling to The Simpsons and as such you’ll soon see a crossover in the form of a Seth MacFarlane-vocal performance! There’s exciting stuff ahead for the 24-year-old series, so please be sure to check out The Simpsons winter premiere on January 6th, 2013 at 8/7c during FOX’s Animation Domination lineup. Don’t forget to make the most of the holiday gap by checking out The Simpsons: 15th Season on Blu-Ray and DVD, currently found at any store or online retailer!

To get you excited, here’s a clip of Lisa meeting J.K. Rowling from the 15th Season’s “The Regina Monologues” episode:

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