The Voice Recap: Battle Rounds Part 2


Another night of Battle Rounds on The Voice, but this time the vocal sparring proved far less exciting than the previous night. Yesterday’s show had far too much cannon fodder on display, but I suppose that’s what a one-hour Tuesday show is for. Nevertheless, one special singer-songwriter in particular hit the right note with one coach, and hopefully the entire country. Check out my performance recap after the jump…

Team Adam Round 3: Warren Stone vs. Michael Austin (“My Kinda Party”) — I can tell you what: this sure wasn’t what I’d call a party. Although neither of the two country artists deeply impressed me in their blind auditions, I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they had to offer in the subsequent stage of the competition. Unfortunately it was just more of the same rodeo bar karaoke, except the two were sober and painfully dull. Michael was clearly the more enthused of the pair and seemed to have a handle on the notes and twists that came along in the song. Warren, however, was that puppy awkwardly following their owner’s lead, as he badly stumbled through every note and key change, trying to ride alongside Michael Austin as best as he could. The two only managed to sound great during their final harmony, but by then the nail had already been sealed on one coffin…just not the one I was expecting.

Performance Reviews: Warren (**), Michael (**½)
Winner: Warren Stone; Eliminated: Michael Austin

Team Usher Round 2: Josiah Hawley vs. Jeff Lewis (“Roxanne”) — I love me some Police, especially Sting’s singular tone, so I was a bit hesitant when Usher announced he’d challenge these two heartthrobs with this pop rock classic. By the way, yay or nay to “angry Usher”? When he lashed out at Jeff after messing up in rehearsals and then laughing about it, I actually found it endearing. The R&B artist always seems to put on a smile, but it was nice to see that he really takes his job seriously as a coach and won’t stand for shenanigans. Again, Usher is becoming a fast fan favorite. As for the duel itself, Josiah was the clear winner to me. Jeff turned the song inward and wasn’t projecting Sting’s sensual energy or danger. His voice was also spotty in parts, especially rough on the all-important chorus. Josiah took a risk by belting out his notes since he isn’t the strongest singer in the competition, and he knows it. He hit the bullseye 75% of the time, but more importantly was able to highlight the track’s undertone of mystery. Usher knows a crowdpleaser when he sees one, and wisely opted to keep Josiah around.

Performance Reviews: Josiah (***½), Jeff (**½)
Winner: Josiah; Eliminated: Jeff

Team Blake Round 3, Team Usher Round 3, Team Shakira Round 2: I can’t really critique these battle rounds since we only saw them in snippet form, but check out this clip regardless and the winners will be posted below.

Winners: Grace Askew (Team Blake), Audrey Karrasch (Team Usher), Tawnya Reynolds (Team Shakira)
Eliminated: Trevor Davis (Team Blake), Jamila Thompson (Team Usher), Mark Andrew (Team Shakira)

Team Blake Round 4: Danielle Bradberry vs. Caroline Glaser (“Put Your Records On”) — Both of these young and experienced singers showed massive potential in their blind auditions, but given the genre of one artist, it was clear what Blake’s ultimate preference would be. Danielle has a huge set of pipes for someone so young. She swallowed her notes and then unleashed them straight as an arrow. Caroline’s range isn’t as strong and she looked noticeably uncomfortable, but her tone might be the most special in the competition. Like Adam said, its ethereal quality instantly draws you in and ceases to let go. Danielle’s voice hasn’t discovered its own personality yet, which ultimately means she’ll prove forgettable if she doesn’t inject some livelihood into it. Caroline is a singer-songwriter who interprets lyrics with such tonal specificity, it amazes you. Admittedly, her performance was a disappointment compared to her phenomenal “Tiny Dancer” cover in the blinds a few weeks back, but she’s got the potential to stun the stage into silence if she makes it to the Live Rounds. I believe she will and deserves to possibly win the whole shebang.

Performance Reviews: Danielle (***), Caroline (***)
Winner: Danielle Bradberry; Stolen: Caroline Glaser (Team Adam)

Here’s how I would rank the battles:

1. Danielle Bradberry vs. Caroline Glaser
2. Josiah Hawley vs. Jeff Lewis
3. Warren Stone vs. Michael Austin

That’s all for my recap, ladies and gents! Sound off below in the comments, and do you agree that Caroline Glaser is a singer-songwriter superstar in the making?

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