Daryl and crew haven’t come back yet from the run to the veterinary school. As a result, Rick and Carol are heading out on a supply run to find food and any sort of medication that can help stave off the flu that is still running rampant through the prison. Carol has a conversation with Lizzie, one of the sisters she promised to look after. Carol tells Lizzie never to be scared and to always be willing to kill or be killed.

In the car, Carol mentions that Maggie wanted to come on this run, but Rick says he needed someone to stay behind and keep everyone safe. Carol knows he means he needed someone he can trust and that he no longer trusts her. She tries to explain why she killed Karen and David, but Rick doesn’t really want to hear it.

Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob are on foot, still trying to make it to the veterinary school. They run into some standard issue walkers along the way before finding another car that needs a battery. Daryl and Bob wind up in a general store and find car batteries. Outside, Michonne lectures Tyreese about doing stupid things. They talk about being angry and he asks why she’s going out looking for the Governor. She says she doesn’t know.


Rick and Carol find a neighborhood and see a car that looks like it was parked within the past day. On their guard, they go house to house looking for food and medicine. In one of the houses, a walker stumbles down the stairs toward them. They kill it and then a young couple comes out of a bedroom upstairs. They tell their story and ask about where Rick and Carol are from. Rick asks his three questions.

Daryl and Bob fix up the car, swap out the battery, and talk. Bob confesses that he was the reason for what happened at the Big Spot, and says that when Daryl found him all alone, it was because he was the lone survivor from two separate groups. He confides that he has an alcohol problem. Daryl essentially tells him that he’s not alone anymore.

They finally make it to the veterinary school.  Bob tells the group what to look for and they start grabbing everything from Hershel’s list. One the way out, there are more walkers. They run, but the walkers chase them.  They find some stairs and and run up, eventually coming to an upper floor that leads to freedom. Bob jumps out the window after the others, but slips and his bag goes flying over the side where it is grabbed by walkers down below. He’s still holding onto it, trying to get it back. Tyreese, Michonne, and Daryl rescue him, but when his pack comes back up, there is a distinctive clink. Daryl opens it to find that there is only a bottle of booze in the pack, and not medicine. Daryl tells Bob he should have kept walking that day. They almost come to blows, finally Daryl gives the bottle back, but not before threatening Bob.

When they get back in the car, Michonne tells Daryl she knows the trail to the Governor has gone cold and that she doesn’t need to keep going out looking for him.

Rick and Carol talk to the young couple. His name is Sam. I didn’t catch hers. Carol fixes Sam’s dislocated shoulder. They talk about what to do and make a plan to split up for two hours to find supplies. They will meet back at the house in two hours. Rick and Carol go one way and Sam and ?? go the other.

Carol wants to talk about Karen and David, but Rick doesn’t say anything about them. This frustrates Carol.

While walking the neighborhood, they come upon the disembodied leg of the girl and find two walkers eating the rest of her body. Carol says they need to go back and try to find Sam, but he isn’t at the house waiting for them. They finally decide to leave.

Rick and Carol

At the car, they load up the supplies, and then Carol is surprised to find the car door locked. Rick says, “They might have survived.” Carol knows he’s talking about Karen and David. He tells her that he can’t have her at the prison around his children and that Tyreese will kill her if he finds out what she did. Carol says she needs to get Lizzie and Mika, but Rick says he’ll take care of them.

Rick helps Carol load up another car. They gas it up and Carol offers Rick the watch her husband gave her on their first anniversary. Carol gets in the car and drives away.

Rick gets in his car and drives back toward the prison.

Lingering Questions
What will Carol’s banishment do to the rest of the group?
Who’s feeding the walkers?
Will we see Carol again?

What did you think of tonight’s? episode? Were you surprised Rick left Carol behind?