TIFF: IFC Films Snaps up Ellen Page’s ‘The Cured’


Another film showing at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has been picked up for public release. According to Variety, IFC Films has bought the North American distribution rights to zombie horror flick “The Cured,” starring Ellen Page (“Tallulah”). The distribution deal was reportedly in the seven-figure range, and the film is set for release sometime next spring.

Directed by first-timer David Freyne, the film tells a tale of a future where zombies are real and ready to join polite society. After a plague infects mankind, turning some into zombies, a cure is found for their affliction. However, those who were previously infected are shunned by society and their loved ones, and quickly become a disenfranchised minority. Will the previously infected be accepted, or will a militant government spell the end for them?

“The Cured” stars Page alongside Sam Keeley (“Burnt”) and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (“The Infiltrator”). It is produced by Rachael O’Kane (“Butchers”), Rory Dungan (“The Gentlemen Prizefighter”) and Page, among others. THR compared the film’s third act to “28 Days,” putting the film’s scary moments up with horror classics.

The BBC openly wondered if industry snobbery about horror films will prevent “The Cured” from getting its due during awards season. Page told the BCC she believes it’s about time a zombie flick won Best Film at the Oscars. She previously praised the film for successfully telling a zombie story, saying:

“When I think of how difficult it is to pull this genre off, as to how David [Freyne, director of The Cured] did it, it just blows my mind.”

“The Cured” is set for release spring 2018.

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