Tom Holland is the next Spider-Man, with Jon Watts as his Director

tom-holland-spider-man-139823Finally. Our long national nightmare (that very few people seemed especially passionate about) is over folks. Marvel and Sony have not only finally settled on a Peter Parker/Spider-Man, they’ve also hired the director for the stand alone reboot. Yes, reports have Tom Holland emerging from that never ending audition scrum to play your friendly neighborhood web-slinger, while the filmmaker at the helm is up and comer Jon Watts. Holland is mostly known from his impressive turn in The Impossible, while Watts has the upcoming well received thriller Cop Car under his belt, as well as some previous work with The Onion News Network (that’s partially the key to his hiring, as Marvel does seem to like their directors to have humor in their repertoire). Something about both spoke to Kevin Feige and company, so now that’s settled. Neither were the initial favorites, but that doesn’t matter one bit. Holland will first show up as Spidey in the currently shooting film Captain America: Civil War, due next year. After that, he’ll team with Watts for the solo Spider-Man flick, currently scheduled for the summer of 2017. Stay tuned for more on that, since we can finally focus on what the new Spider-Man movies will be like, as opposed to who will be playing the part…


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