Top 10: The Best Foreign Language Films of 2017


In our common lexicon, we often refer to any film made outside of the United States as a “foreign” film. But this definition can be somewhat misleading, implying a certain “otherness” that deters audiences. As 2017’s best non-English language films proved however, many of the themes found in the year’s most celebrated English films are universal. Whether it be a an LGBT coming-of-age experience or a woman seeking justice for the murder of her child, the similarities are truly striking. But what is even more noteworthy about these films are there exemplary quality. World cinema is indeed the gift that keeps on giving.

As we anticipate another wonderful year of cinema, here are 10 such gems worth seeking out, as I present my Top 10 Foreign Language Films of 2017.

Honorable Mention:Last Men in Aleppo” and “Faces Places” were already featured among the Top 10 Documentaries and were therefore excluded from this list.