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Top 10: Minor ‘Star Wars’ Characters

Who are the best characters that aren’t Luke, Han, or Leia?

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May the Fourth be with you, everyone! While we wish 2020 was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, COVID-19 is still the ruthless dictator in these chaotic times. Thankfully, we’re giving “Star Wars” fans some new hope in this chasm of darkness. What better way to Force heal than with another “Star Wars” Top 10 list? Since everyone has long exhausted ranking their favorite major characters of the saga, it’s high time we honor those whose impact tends to get overlooked. Are we forgetting there’s an entire roster of creatures and humanoids to geek out and gush about? With that reminder, here are the greatest “minor” characters from the “Star Wars” universe.

10. Aurra Sing

aurra main

This Palliduvan bounty hunter is a fan-favorite thanks to an enigmatic presence that borders on omnipresent. Whether making a cameo at the Boonta Eve podrace from “The Phantom Menace” or being name-dropped by Tobias Beckett in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” you can’t explore the richness of the galaxy without Sing’s reputation leaving a trail. Although rumored to be have met her death at the hands of Beckett, Sing is probably the one popular villain Lucasfilm Story Group wouldn’t hesitate to bring back alive. In “The Clone Wars” TV series, it’s revealed that Sing is responsible for training Boba Fett to become the fearsome bounty hunter of legend, first introduced in the “Star Wars Holiday Special,” and canonized in “The Empire Strikes Back.” It seems behind every hive of scum and villainy, Sing is lurking in the background with her sniper rifle at the ready.

9. General Maximillian Veers

general veers


Head of the Imperial charge at the Battle of Hoth, Maximillian Veers doesn’t share the sociopathic tendencies of his fellow commanding officers. Squashing the Rebel Alliance isn’t personal to him so much as it is sworn duty. He’s also not afraid to question Darth Vader’s military strategy if it means decisive victory. His placid demeanor and zen concentration on the battlefield make him one of the Empire’s greatest assets, one who could make a return one day since his death has never been confirmed.

8. Lobot


One of the very few cybernetically enhanced humans in the “Star Wars” catalog, Lobot served as Lando Calrissian’s right-hand man when the infamous scoundrel was Baron Administrator of Bespin’s Cloud City. Lobot is primarily known for his silent loyalty, a trait many fans saw as more reassuring than Lando’s own shaky allegiance to Han Solo and Leia Organa during Vader’s coup. It’s hard to find a more popular minor character in the series who has never spoken an audible line of dialogue. Plus, who can resist those sleek head implants?

7. Babu Frik

babu frik main

This adorable alien is best known as the saving grace of “The Rise of Skywalker.” His squeals of exclamation may be unintelligible, but they lift spirits and encourage everyone to care about the saga’s climax more than J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio’s screenplay does. The Anzellan droidsmith and master hacker also did the impossible by shutting off C-3PO’s annoyance factor when erasing the protocol droid’s memory. When Threepio says goodbye to Frik as though he was his oldest friend (due to limited memory, he technically was), audiences across the globe all felt that exact sentiment.

6. Mon Mothma

mon mothma

The regal Chandrilan senator was among the early small organizers of what would become the Rebel Alliance. While her role was relegated to a deleted scene from “Revenge of the Sith,” there was no forgetting the impression she made decades earlier in “Return of the Jedi.” Her mission briefing of the second Death Star assault galvanizes every freedom fighter to take one final stand against Emperor Palpatine’s tyranny. Mothma’s commanding and poised serenity in times of unimaginable turmoil eased tension throughout the ranks. In earlier canon novels, Leia would often describe Mothma as a symbol of respected female leadership she aspired to one day emulate.

5. Bossk


Among the elite roster of bounty hunters whom Darth Vader personally commissioned to locate the Millennium Falcon, Bossk is not to be trifled with. Reptilian ferocity and a thirst for Wookie hide make this Trandoshan a fear to avoid at all costs. The dilemma is that the less we know about Bossk, the more we want to see him out on the open hunt, thereby potentially endangering our beloved heroes. Bossk is a masochistic guilty pleasure character whose presence guarantees bloodshed. He carries himself with such confident badassery that you can’t help but admire his tenacious drive.

4. Asajj Ventress

asajj ventress

Count Dooku’s star pupil (aside from Qui-Gon during his upstanding Jedi days) wound up being more respected than her master by war’s end. The blind hatred Asajj Ventress carried with her all throughout the Clone Wars was an obvious front for the pain she experienced as a war zone orphan and former slave with no family to love her. Disappointment after disappointment meant her only true friend was absolute power, hence her attraction to the dark side of the Force. It was when Ventress was finally discarded by her Sith overlord that she allowed herself to trust in others once more. This made her the earliest Sith acolyte on record to return back to the Light. Asajj’s redemption story may have ended in death, but her legacy of showing it’s never too late to make amends makes her one of the most revered tragic villains in Star Wars lore.

3. Admiral Ackbar

admiral ackbar

If there’s one thing the polarized fandom can agree upon regarding “The Last Jedi,” it’s that Rian Johnson mishandled the beloved admiral’s shocking demise. “It’s a trap!” is an iconic quote that inspired countless memes, GIFs, and other miscellaneous referencing. The Mon Calamari’s shell-shocked yet toadish intonation of the line is speech perfection, a moment in pop culture that only adds to the affection of him. Admiral Ackbar’s everlasting popularity gives added merit to the Skywalker adage that “no one is ever really gone.”

2. Wedge Antilles

wedge 1

Not only is Wedge Antilles the most dependable character of the saga — he’s also a literal wingman. Unlike Han, Leia, Chewie, Lando, and Luke to some degree, Wedge has no desire for the spotlight. He’s perfectly content being a hero without attached celebrity. Wedge may be Corellian, but he’s the furthest from a scoundrel. His devotion to his allies and the righteousness of his cause deem him worthy of recognition. Of any minor player in the big war, it’s Wedge Antilles who is the most undervalued among flying aces.

1. Ahsoka Tano


This selection might be controversial depending on how deep into the fandom one is. For many, “The Clone Wars” might be a juvenile spree of adventures that don’t carry much weight compared to the more “significant” live-action films and Disney+ television programs. However, Ahsoka Tano is about to get a promotion from minor character to major player with her participation in the second season ofThe Mandalorian.” Tano is the greatest minor character simply because she fought her way out of this demarcation. Furthermore, Ahsoka is one of only a handful of fictional television icons who went from universally loathed to universally cherished in the span of a few seasons.

As Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice, Tano had the freedom of bending the rules to complete a task or mission, but her improvisation also made her insolent to authority like her master. Tano faced an early sexist double standard from fans who chastised her immaturity and reckless behavior while praising Skywalkers. Over time, Ahsoka wore down that bias by separating herself from Anakin’s shadow. Numerous conflicts demonstrate her inherent gravitation towards fighting injustice without crossing an ethical line of no return.

Best of all, it was Ahsoka who saw the Jedi Council for the hypocrites they had become, serving the will of politicians over the peacekeeping mantra of the Force. When Ahsoka made the decision to leave the Jedi order, she did so without resentment or the need to abandon her mystical powers. Ahsoka moved forward by helping others out of genuine care, not doctrinal responsibility. In this respect, Ahsoka Tano might prove to be the most gleaming example of what a true Jedi should strive for in their knighthood.

Who are your ten favorite minor characters from the “Star Wars” saga? Rank them in the comments below!




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  1. I definitely had to look a few of these names up, and then while doing so, I found some other good choices completely on accident. So other than my #1, who was part of possibly my favorite scene in all of Star Wars, I don’t really have great reasoning for many of the characters on this list outside of ‘great scene’, ‘funny moment’, or ‘is played by Justin Theroux.’

    10. That one droid in the Phantom Menace who asks Qui-Gon where he’s taking the prisoners
    9. Admiral Ozzel
    8. Poggle the Lesser
    7. Greedo
    6. Garindan
    5. Admiral Piett
    4. General Veers
    3. Master Codebreaker
    2. Moff Jerjerrod
    1. Paige Tico

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