great news

9. “Great News” (NBC)

Starring: Briga Heelan, John Michael Higgins, Andrea Martin, Nicole Richie
Synopsis: A young news producer (Heelan) has to make some work compromises when she learns her mom (Martin) is interning at her TV station.

Why you should watch: You’ll find that many of the titles in this list have amazing creators and producers behind them. This one is no exception. The series is created by Tracy Wigfield, who started as a comedy writer, working on “The Mindy Project” and winning an Emmy for “30 Rock.” In her first creator role, she’s teaming up with her “30 Rock” boss Tina Fey, who serves as executive producer. I’m sure I don’t need to run through the amazing TV projects Fey has been an indelible part of, but I will say she has had major success producing and creating the recent Netflix hit “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” starring Ellie Kemper, along with her co-creator Robert Carlock who also serves as co-executive producer on “Great News.” As the saying goes, In Fey We Trust.
Premiere Date: 2017