7. “Stan Against Evil” (IFC)

Starring: John C. McGinley, Deborah Baker Jr., Nate Mooney, Janet Varney
Synopsis: When demonic creatures begin plaguing a small New Hampshire town, an alliance forms to battle the monsters and keep their town safe.

Why you should watch: It’s hard to get around the fact that this series seems like a rip-off of the Sam Raimi-created “Ash vs Evil Dead” over on HBO. What could this show have to offer? First, McGinley has dabbled in TV roles since his popular tenure on “Scrubs” playing the always-sarcastically-smiling Dr. Cox, in shows like “Ground Floor” and “Burn Notice.” He’s also done film, from serious films like “Se7en” to everyone’s favorite office comedy “Office Space.”

You might have even noticed him pop up in a few memorable ads over the years. But now is his chance to return to TV, in a starring role, and showcase how funny and serious he can be. There’s also the fact that the series is premiering on IFC, the network that has given us gems like “Portlandia,” “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and, a recent favorite of mine, “Documentary Now!” If there’s any way of pulling off a series that seems familiar, it’s landed at a good network home.
Premiere Date: Nov. 2