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Top 10: The U.S. Office Episodes

The Office

Later this month will mark seven years since the U.S. version of “The Office” came to an end and 15 since it began, based on the Ricky Gervais British comedy of the same name. The show wasn’t without its lows -, especially after Steve Carell’s departure – but overall, the Emmy-Award winning show will have a special place in the history of American sitcoms, featuring one of the best comedic performances of the last 30 years.

Here are the Top 10 episodes of The U.S. Office.

10. “Gossip”
Series 6 Episode 1


“Gossip” started season six with a bang, with Michael’s frustration with the gossip floating around the office leading to big revelations. Biggest of all is the reveal that Pam is pregnant (although it had already been hinted at), which has huge implications for the rest of the series. It also marked Ed Helms’ first episode since starring in “The Hangover,” with the actor putting in a particularly fantastic performance.

Best moment: The episodes’ hilarious intro, where Michael, Andy, and Dwight perform parkour around the office, resulting in a horrific injury.

9. “Niagara”
Series 6 Episodes 4 & 5


This two-parter is a real tear-jerker and is considered by many as a classic episode of the series. It celebrates the wedding of Jim and Pam and the relationship the two have had throughout the show. The episode isn’t all roses though, with a subplot of Andy getting injured while dancing and Michael and Dwight unsuccessfully attracting any women at the wedding.

Best moment: It can’t be anything else but that wedding dance.

8. “Casino Night”
Series 2 Episode 22


“Casino Night” is an integral chapter in Jim and Pam’s story, with the ending of the episode, without doubt, the most beautiful moment of the show (save for Michael’s finale appearance.) The casino night itself has some hilarious scenes, but it’s all about that ending and how integral the episode is at progressing the relationships between characters on the show.

Best moment: Jim & Pam’s first ‘proper’ kiss to close the episode.

7. “The Dundies”
Series 2 Episode 1

the dundies

The Dundies are to Michael what the Oscars are to the film industry and he makes sure that everyone can see just how seriously he takes it. The episode is a highlight not only because of Michael’s disastrous attempt at hosting the night but also for the drunk kiss that Jim and Pam share with each other.

Best moment: Michael’s Dundies rap.

6. “Beach Games”
Series 3 Episode 23


“Beach Games” is perhaps not the funniest episode of The Office, but its incredibly important in the development of Jim and Pam’s relationship and features some stellar scenes. It’s similar to “Casino Night” in the way it progresses particular character relationships with huge implications, with the group taking part in various competitions so that Michael can find his new successor.

Best moment: Pam’s speech to everybody during the firewalk is a great acting showcase for Jennie Fischer, who steals the episode with powerful confessions, no matter how awkward the situation is for Jim at the time.

5. “The Merger”
Series 3 Episode 8


After a long, painful few episodes waiting for Jim and Pam to reunite, the Scranton and Stamford branch are merged together, creating great new dynamics. Carell is dynamite throughout as he does his best to give a good impression of himself and the Scranton branch as a whole.

Best moment: The Lazy Scranton music video created by Michael and Dwight still remains one of the funniest two minutes in the history of American television.

4. “Fun Run”
Series 4 Episodes 1 & 2


In an epic two-parter, Michael and the rest of the branch run a 5k charity fun run, titled “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure,” and it becomes as ridiculous as it sounds. Seeing the way various characters decide to tackle the race is comedy gold, with most not taking it seriously at all. There are tender moments throughout between Jim and Pam but it’s overall an incredibly fun episode with a good premise.

Best moment: Michael struggling to get up to his feet during the 5k run after collapsing to the floor in exhaustion.

3. “The Injury”
Series 2 Episode 12


The Office is at its best when Michael is at the center of something disastrous. Here, he’s burnt his foot on a George Foreman grill, but anyone would think he has lost his leg entirely. It’s another incredible performance from Carell and one that should be shown to anybody that doubts the legacy of Michael Scott as one of the greatest American comedy characters of all time.

Best moment: Michael trying to persuade one of the workers to come and collect him. “Anyone but Dwight.”

2. “Stress Relief”
Series 5 Episodes 14 & 15


In another hilarious two-parter, “Stress Relief” is one of the most chaotic episodes of the show, so it’s no surprise that Rainn Wilson gets to shine, with a stellar performance in the first part as he mischievously sets the office “on fire.” The second part sees Michael helplessly trying to help Stanley recover from a heart attack that proves to be more harm than good, with a hilarious moment involving Stanley’s stress detector getting more aggressive whenever Michael is near.

Best moment: The chaotic fire drill is perhaps the greatest moment in the show’s history. Dwight telling Stanley it’s not a real fire as he has a heart attack is enough to have anybody in tears.

1. “The Dinner Party”
Series 4 Episode 13


No other episode can compete with The Dinner Party, which is equally as tragic as it is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Michael invites the gang over to his and Jan’s for dinner, but its clear Michael just wants the group to see how dysfunctional his relationship has become. It’s Carell’s best performance of the series and a lot of praise should also be given to Melora Hardin too.

Best moment: Michael whispering to Jim and Pam “I didn’t wash my hands” as he leaves the bathroom, before putting his hands all over the food spread.

What is your favorite episode on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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