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Top 10: TV Series that Deserve Another Season

These shows should have had another shot to finish their stories.

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Throughout the COVID-19 quarantine, we’ve all streamed tons of content, binging blind spots in our television knowledge. By doing this, you’ll come across many incomplete shows. Some shows got canceled while others were too limited and should’ve had more episodes. Either way, they never gave viewers a proper conclusion to their stories. So with the list below, we take a look at the television series that deserved another season.

Image from The OA e1593235254465
Brit Marling stars in “The OA” on Netflix

In this sci-fi drama, we meet Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), a young woman who has been missing for several years. When she mysteriously resurfaces, she calls herself The OA, is no longer blind, and has strange scars on her back. The OA and her trusted companions set out on a search for the people who changed her. While the first season was shaky, the second was focused and provocative. Though Netflix canceled “The OA” before the third season, Marling, a co-creator, wants to conclude this story.

Image from Daredevil e1593235100567
Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio star in Marvel’s Daredevil
Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Netflix’s “Daredevil” followed the life of Matthew Murdock (Charlie Cox), a blind lawyer who fights crime as a masked vigilante. What could’ve been a throwaway MCU show turned into a crime drama with comic book characters. Creator Drew Goddard set a dark, grounded tone, making “Daredevil” the most successful project of the MCU shows. “Daredevil” ended after three seasons, but audiences never got closure on the show’s expansive narrative.
The Knick 1
Clive Owen stars in “The Knick”

From director Steven Soderbergh, “The Knick” follows a fictional hospital in New York City at the beginning of the 20th century. We explore the day to day events of Knickerbocker Hospital and Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen), a talented doctor addicted to cocaine. Though impeccably acted and directed, it had the misfortune of being unseen on Cinemax. A third season almost happened, but the network wouldn’t allow Soderbergh to experiment by shooting it all in black and white.

The Grinder 1
THE GRINDER: L-R: Rob Lowe, William Devane, guest star Steve Little and Fred Savage in the “Heroes Reborn” episode of THE GRINDER airing Tuesday, Oct. 6 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Some great shows can’t get past the first season. In “The Grinder,” former television actor Dean Sanderson, Jr. (Rob Lowe) comes back to join his family law firm. The problem is, he has no experience practicing law other than portraying a lawyer on TV. Everyone, but his brother Stewart (Fred Savage) is convinced Dean can do the job well. With high critical reviews and enthusiasm from its fan base, Fox should’ve given “The Grinder” more time to progress.

6. The Last Man on Earth (Fox)

Will Forte as Phil Miller Siracha Last Man on Earth season 2 finale
Will Forte stars in “The Last Man on Earth” (Fox)

Set after a deadly virus has taken the world’s population, we meet Phil Miller (Will Forte), the lone survivor living out his lonely days on Earth. But shortly after the first episode, we start to meet more characters. The remaining humans must learn to live together and put up with Phil. Fox canceled “The Last Man on Earth” before a fifth season could resolve Phil and the company’s tale. As Forte has discussed, another season would be enough to conclude this hysterical series.

5. The Carmichael Show (NBC)

The Carmichael Show 1
THE CARMICHAEL SHOW — “Pilot” — Pictured: (l-r) Jerrod Carmichael as Jerrod, Amber West as Maxine, David Alan Grier as Joe Carmichael, Loretta Devine as Cynthia Carmichael — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

In August 2015, comedian Jerrod Carmichael created a sitcom around his fictional family tackling modern-day issues. It was honest and spoke the truth about what it’s like to live in America right now. The supporting cast of Amber Stevens WestLil Rel HoweryTiffany HaddishLoretta Devine, and David Alan Grier made for an excellent collection of comedic talent. The only problem “The Carmichael Show” faced was NBC’s reluctance to put it in a decent time slot. If given a second chance, this would be must-see television.

4. Mindhunter (Netflix)

Image from Mindhunter
Courtesy of “Mindhunter” (Netflix)

When Netflix started its streaming service, they went to David Fincher to give them credibility. So when the acclaimed filmmaker attached himself to another series, you knew it had to be something good. Based in the late 1970s, we follow three FBI agents as they interview and pick apart the minds of the most notorious criminals in American History. Informative and compelling, the production of the third season of “Mindhunter” was put on indefinite hold earlier this year, with no return date in sight.

fleabag scaled
Steve Schofield/Amazon Studios

With “Fleabag,” we follow Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s untitled protagonist as she goes through her active single life in London. Throughout the show, she breaks the fourth wall, talking to the audience and letting us in on her every thought. With messy family and romantic relationships, “Fleabag” explored the mess and the madness a person goes through within our crazy world. The second season is supposed to be the final season. But Waller-Bridge and castmates have talked about the possibility of returning to the series later in their careers.

Watchmen HBO Masked Regina King
Regina King stars in “Watchmen” (HBO)

Taking place decades after the events of the acclaimed graphic novel, we follow Angela Abar (Regina King), a masked cop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, investigating the mysterious murder of her former boss. The more Angela digs, the more she realizes a sinister scheme is brewing. Bringing in interesting new characters with the established ones from the comic, “Watchmen” balanced contemporary issues within an entertaining tale. While creator Damon Lindelof doesn’t want to return to the show, he did leave the door open for a continuation with the finale’s final shot. And considering how timely this show has become in recent weeks, another season would be welcomed.

Hannibal NBC
Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy star in “Hannibal” (NBC)

“Hannibal” was one of the most daring, graphic shows in network television history. Scenes taken straight from Thomas Harris’s novels, showrunner Bryan Fuller let the blood and body parts fly for three seasons. Based on the “Red Dragon” characters, we dissect the dangerous relationship of FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and cannibalistic psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen). With moments of terror and delight, “Hannibal” shouldn’t have ended on a literal cliffhanger. But there is hope, with Fuller and the cast wanting a return. Till then, go to Netflix and stream the deliciously sinister series right now.

What are some of your favorite television series that deserve another season? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Ryan McQuade

Ryan McQuade is a film-obsessed writer located in South Texas. Raised on musicals, westerns, and James Bond, his taste in cinema is extremely versatile. He's extremely fond of independent releases and director passion projects. When he's not watching movies, he's watching and rooting for his Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns, or San Antonio Spurs.
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Joey Magidson

I’ll always ask for another season of The West Wing.


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