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Top 10: ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Guest Stars


Over the years, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has had some incredible guest performances, with a wide range of talents featuring the best of the television industry today. Ahead of the release of the upcoming interactive special episode, here’s a look back at the ten best guest performances from the series:

10. Nick Kroll


This list kicks things off with Nick Kroll, with the comedian giving a brilliant and over-the-top performance as a spin instructor in the episode ‘Kimmy Rides A Bike!’ It turns out that Kroll’s Tristafé is a master manipulator and control freak, but things soon turn sour for him and he gets his comeuppance by the end of the episode.

9. Kiernan Shipka


The first of two “Mad Men” alumni to appear in the series, Shipka appears as Kimmy’s half-sister Kymmi (yes, that’s her name). It’s a hilarious dynamic between the two half-sisters, with Kimmi resenting Kimmy because of her fame and popularity. It’s a role that allows Shipka to flex her comedic talents.

8. Jeff Goldblum


Goldblum appears as Dr. Dave, a Jerry Springer/Jeremy Kyle Esque talk show host who helps out Kimmy. Goldblum, like many entries on this list, is completely outrageous in the best way possible, attempting to solve the problems between Kimmy and Cyndee, who she used to be in a bunker with.

7. Fred Armisen


Armisen’s cameo in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is most famous not just for the performance itself, but the character he portrays. Armisen plays Robert Durst, who viewers of the HBO crime series “The Jinx” will be aware of the serial killer, who gets a romantic subplot in this show as he falls in love with Kimmy’s landlady. The episode came at the height of “The Jinx’s” popularity and is no doubt one of the most memorable performances of the show.

6. Martin Short


Martin Short is transformative in his role as Dr. Frampf all the way back in season one, portraying Jacqueline’s plastic (quite literally) surgeon. It’s an excellent physical performance from Short, with his face unrecognizable thanks to all of the botox that Dr. Frampf has given himself.

5. Lisa Kudrow


While the reveal of Kimmy’s mother had been teased for throughout multiple seasons, Lori-Anne appeared at the end of the second season, with “Friends” alumni Lisa Kudrow playing the character. She gets the mannerisms of the character perfectly, acting very similarly to Kimmy in her quirkiness, especially when the pair start doing accents together.

4. Maya Rudolph


Maya Rudolph is comedy gold wherever she appears, and this guest appearance is no different. Starring as singer Dionne Warwick, Rudolph is particularly brilliant at ‘The Concert for Exits’ which Kimmy and Tituss watch on the TV. “Take that, Hurricane Tammi with an I!”

3. Dean Norris


When Titus is worried that he’s struggling to land acting roles because he can’t act “straight,” he goes to an acting coach, played by “Breaking Bad” alumni Dean Norris, to show him the ropes. What could have been offensive and insensitive turns out to be hilarious, not least because of Norris’ brilliant over-the-top performance which helps show how ridiculous the whole thing is.

2. Tina Fey


Show creator Fey plays various characters across the series, but her finest moment in the show is as real-life lawyer Marcia Clarke, who stands against Jon Hamm’s Reverend in the season one trial. Fey creates a brilliant caricature of Marcia and only adds to the courtroom scene which remains the show’s best to date.

1. Jon Hamm


Speaking of the courtroom scene, there’s no doubt that the best and most iconic guest star of the series is Jon Hamm as Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, the lunatic that had locked away Kimmy for 15 years. Every single one of his lines is dynamite, especially during his trial back in season 1. Who could forget him whipping his guitar out and singing “Flying Purple People Eater,” a song he says is about Jesus?

Who is your favorite guest star from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?” Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Bradley Weir

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