Top 50 Guiltiest Pleasures in Film

The King of "Guilty Pleasure".

Last week Anna Belickis gave us her list of the “50 Best Love Stories of the New Millennium.” Continuing on with the release of topical film lists here at The Awards Circuit, this week I am bringing to you the “50 Guiltiest Pleasures in Film.” We look at a film like The Vow, and scratch our heads wondering how a film like that could ever be embraced by your average moviegoer. Holiday significance aside, there will no doubt be supporters of films like these. Actually, let’s face it, February is just one of those months that bad films come along far too often, where creativity seems to be chucked out the window and mindless entertainment is the only thing that is offered on the table. Yet, it does make me wonder to what extent is a film so bad that it actual ends up being good, certifying it as an undeniable guilty pleasure. I know many of you out there hate to admit that there are certain movies so critically reviled, you would be ashamed if caught watching them in front of even your closest friends. So this is where I come in! Right now, right here, I am bringing you a partly objective, partly subjective (because let’s face it, what list-maker/movie critic can ever be truly objective?) list of the “50 Guiltiest Pleasures in Film”. I’ll take the brunt of the heat that could consequently result from this list so you all won’t have to! Check it out right here:

1. Showgirls


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Written by Joseph Braverman

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