foxcatcherTOP TEN TUESDAY: As Cannes gets more and more press (and I get more and more jealous), I’ve decided to focus this edition of Top Ten Tuesday to the remaining slate of films set to open later this year.  Below, you will find my ten most anticipated films of the year featuring what I believe will inhabit strong acting performances.  In other words, films with the most acting potential for myself.  Many of these have actors who have strong enough resumes under their belt to warrant consideration on my Oscar Prediction charts, some of them I’m fully expecting to be omitted and overlooked no matter how great they are.

Last year, in my annual Davis Awards citations, fifteen out of twenty spots in my acting categories were omitted from the Academy Awards (or Oscars).  Three out of four acting winners weren’t even nominated.  I’m sure there are many out there with a complete Oscar-less lineup.  The list down below are on my radar and fully in contention for my love by the end of the year.

Can any of you predict your own personal acting winners?  Check my list.