Top Ten Tuesday: True Blood’s Most Iconic Moments


TrueBlood_imageDid any of you watch True Blood on Sunday? If you did, and are like me, you are glad this show is mercifully coming to the end. The premiere left much to be desired (ie. no resoultion for major storylines that were left in the balance of season 6) and killed off a major character OFF SCREEN (a character they could have killed two seasons ago ON SCREEN). I found myself in a melancholy mood remembering times gone by, so I decided to pep myself up and focus on the awesome moments during the series. So here are the top ten most iconic moments in the series history. Spoilers obviously. And maybe possibly NSFW.

Just missing: Franklin showing Tara his texting ability, Bill dying then coming back to life as Billith, Bill and Sookie have sex in the graveyard, Alcide and Rikki’s sex scene, Mary Ann’s death, Eric acting mentally 5 and draining Sookie’s fairy godmother

You can watch the clips by clicking on the title. Enjoy!  SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD!