True Blood Recap: 6.02 “The Sun”


Tonight’s episode of True Blood shows that while you can reestablish a show, the problems truly don’t go away. It’s not that “The Sun” was a bad episode, but the individual moments don’t weave together as well as they might want them to. We open the episode where we left the last one off, with Sookie sleeping peacefully while the contract beside her glows and a mysterious portal opening and Rob Zombie Warlow stumbling out. If you recall last week, the old man who gave Jason a ride said he was Warlow, but it turns out he’s actually Niall, Sookie and Jason’s fairy godfather. After stopping the car with his fairy powers, he tells Jason that Warlow is dangerous and has managed to break through his portal to this side.

Sookie meanwhile has a very interesting episode. After being yelled at by Arlene to get off her ass and come to work, she starts off her “new life” as many do, stumbling upon a guy who has been bitten by vamps. His name is Ben and he’s ruggedly handsome so of course Sookie helps. What she doesn’t expect is for him to be half-fae and they strike up some telepathic flirtation before she brings him to her house to help him heal. They actually share a nice scene where Sookie shares with him her struggles with her light and Ben gives her some light encouragement. But he ruins the moment when he eavesdrops on her mentioning Bill in her mind. Niall also informs her that there’s a way to stop Warlow, using a sort of faery nuclear bomb created with her light, but she’s only half fae so it will only work once and she won’t be fae anymore.

Not having a good episode is Tara, who is writhing in pain after being shot by the guards. Eric and Nora arrive and Eric digs the bullet out with a bottle. Turns out it was a new bullet made of silver that emits UV light. Eric is not here for this and decides to pay the Governor a visit. They have a hilarious conversation about whooping cranes as a substitute for vampires, before Eric shows his true colors and tries to glamour the gov. It doesn’t work because they’ve apparently developed contact lenses that block the glamouring and the Gov has Eric arrested. But Eric seems to get the last laugh, flying away from the guards and to the window of the Governor’s daughter, who he glamours into letting him in.

Also not having a particularly great episode, Sam but his plot line was kind of boring save for the fact that he shares a great scene with a pro-vamp freedom fighter named Nicole (Jurnee Smollett) and Alcide, Martha and Ol Girl Who Propositioned Alcide Last Week coming and snatching Emma away. These scenes were interesting in that they allowed for Alcide to show a not so nice side of himself. The scenes with Sam and Jurnee were so charged I automatically want them to have sex on the show. She was also witness to the wolf beat down Sam received so I’m sure their paths will cross again.

Bill is once again at the center of the most interesting/frustrating/boring/exciting plot line of the episode. He’s basically driven into a catatonic state by Lilith, who visits him in a dream spouting cryptic mumbo jumbo about his purpose. Jessica, having promised to help him, invites a mail order meal over to feed Bill. After realizing he wouldn’t wake up, she begins to leave but is pulled back telekinetically and made to kneel in front of Bill who proceeds to suck the blood from her body like a damn dement or while still catatonic. True Blood has shown some sick stuff in the past but this was incredibly shocking even for them. Words don’t do justice how gross this was, with her jerky movements, the sound design, and her being sucked dry.

Jessica does about what anyone would do in that situation and prays to God. Her praying apparently inspires Lilith to move a bit faster on the semi-exposition, telling Bill that he is the key to saving everyone. When he returns to consciousness he sees a vision of our favorite characters in a white room burning. This would be creepy enough, without a previous vision of his coming true and Bill and Jessica realize Bill can see the future.