True Blood Recap: 6.04 “At Last”


true-blood-6-04-jason-s-sexy-dream-and-willa-s-secret-desireI’m back from a week’s break from True Blood recapping but honestly you didn’t miss much last week. Jason has a ton of concussions and almost died, Bill can enter houses without an invitation, and Eric felt up then kidnapped the Governor’s daughter. That about covers last week’s episode which was pretty terrible. This week’s episode “At Last” was much better.

The main crux of the episode focused on the Stackhouse siblings and their interactions with Ben, who turned out to be Warlow! This was a surprise I didn’t see coming, and I’m glad True Blood has it in itself to still shock the audience. Winding it back a bit, Sookie and Ben carry Jason to the couch. While Sookie ran into the kitchen to go call 911, Ben/Warlow sprouts his fangs and gives Jason his blood. Sookie is perplexed at how Jason is okay and feeling well enough to do pull ups in jeans, boots and no shirt, but she pays it no mind until she finds a drop of blood on the floor and realizes that Ben is a vampire. Jason, naturally is a bit slower on the uptick, despite the fact that he has sexy times dream with him and Ben shaving each other’s faces set to Miguel’s Adorn. Words cannot describe how funny this scene and the aftermath, with Jason checking his equipment after waking up was. He tells his grandpa and they storm over to where Ben is staying. Their plan to kill him goes awry, with Ben zapping Grandpa with a fairy bolt and glamouring Jason to leave and stay away from Sookie’s house cause they have a date. He also tosses Grandpa Niall into some vortex thing for good measure. Even though Sookie put silver on the food, it looked like she was going to give in to the temptation. Thankfully our girl can make good decisions and after seducing Ben/Warlow on the couch, she gathers her wits and threatens him with the fairy bolt of death.

Speaking of decision-making, Jessica and Bill were not making the best ones. They decided that it would be wise to kidnap the Sherrif’s rapidly growing daughters (who haven’t slept since they were 3 HA!) and are using samples of the fairy blood to try to synthesize for a new non-human food source. However there’s only so long you can semi-kidnap 4 fairy women and they demand to be let out. Jessica in her haste, gets overwhelmed and vamps out. By the time, Bill gets there it’s too late, Jessica has killed all four fairies and Andy is on the porch demanding that Bill answer for his crimes. Uh oh.

Eric, Pam and Tara…sigh. I gotta throw these three together because the show is forcing them together so much. I’d be more interested in this relationship if it had some wrinkles. As of now it’s Tara does something, Eric orders them both, Pam scoffs but does it anyways. You can only go to this well so much. The most interesting thing to come out of this plot line is that after threatening Tara over the whereabouts of the Governor’s daughter, he ends up turning the daughter into a vampire. When she arrives home, the governor is all ready to welcome her back into the fold before she turns ravenous and Sarah Newlin (hey Anna Camp!) has to shoot her. It’ll be interesting to see how the Governor and the threesome interact now that his daughter’s a vampire.

Sam still has the most boring storyline, with this week’s edition seeing him on the run from Alcide’s pack. They have run this character into the ground and even him stripping and turning into a horse and making out with Jurnee’s character can’t get me excited about where Sam is going this season.

Like I mentioned above, this week’s episode of True Blood although I’m worried about these Jekyll and Hyde switches between episode quality. I love True Blood but there are too many plot lines that aren’t going anywhere and the show needs to pick up, and fast.