True Blood Recap: 6.05 “F*ck the Pain Away”


Sometimes you can see the end of a TV is nigh and I think we may have reached that point with True Blood. How else do you explain a TV show giving an episode an amazing title like “Fuck the Pain Away” and then delivering one of the worst episodes of the entire run? I can’t even be as happy about Sarah Newlin and Jason having sex cause she thinks God told her to because the episode was just so dreadful.

Might as well start with the most exciting plot line, or person rather. This season might be disappointing, but Anna Camp’s return as Sarah Newlin has been a bright spot. Despite her closeness with the governor, Sarah doesn’t seem to be making any head way. After he rebuffs her pleas to have a baby, she does what any sane woman would do and heads over to Jason’s house. They have a heart to heart about their past experiences and then Sarah tells Jason that he thinks God wants him to fuck her. They proceed to have sex, complete with semi-offensive dialogue and for a beat we’ve returned to classic True Blood. The afterglow of the moment is ruined by Jessica arriving, distraught about almost killing all of Andy’s fairy children. She attacks Sarah but Ms. Newlin rescinds her invitation and Jessica gets sent to the vampire prison where she begins going through withdrawal from the fairy blood.

Speaking of the vampire prison, I have to wonder what True Blood is doing. Once again, they’re isolating several of the major vampire characters in an underground place and visions of the Authority come to mind. Pam seems to be the only one in the prison who isn’t tortured immediately, instead being place in therapy. It’s an interesting choice, having the most cold, sassy vampire in therapy but it paid off in one liners like her saying humans lives are pathetically brief and laughing about the room where the vampires were having sex in the name of science. While Pam thought she had the upper hand, it turned out the psychiatrist she was speaking with had ulterior motives and at episodes end, she was thrown into a room with Eric where they will presumably fight to the death.

Meanwhile the main character of the show Sookie, is also not having a good time. After threatening Warlow with her fairy ball of light, he confesses that the reason he killed her parents was that they were trying to kill her. He also confesses his love but Bill arrived and commanded him as his maker (cause he’s part Lillith now) to put an end to that conversation. Sookie decides that she has to know why so she asks Lafayette to use his power as a medium to help her. The plan backfires however when the spirit of her father leaps into Lafayette and he kidnaps her to drown her in a river.

In less important plot news, Sam did something this episode. And by something I mean had yet another conversation with Jurnee’s character about why they have to stay on the run. Between this, the werewolves who I can’t even muster the energy to talk about, and Terry asking an old army friend (and Teen Wolf actor Gideon Emery), there are three plots taking up significant time and seriously dragging the season down.