True Blood Recap: 6.01 “Who Are You, Really?”


true-blood-season-6-posterAfter a lack luster 5th season and the departure of creator/executive producer Alan Ball, most people are approaching this new season of True Blood with a bit of caution. The premiere episode of the 6th season, however, was a decent stabilization from the Jekyl and Hyde nature of the previous season and shows that the show may indeed have some life left.

The season premiere picks up right where the last one left off with Bill rising out of his own blood and sending everyone scrambling. Jason, Jessica, Pam, Nora, and Tara barely make it out of the Authority building before Bill sends it up in flames. We’re left for about two seconds thinking that Eric and Sookie might not have survived, but obviously they didn’t die, instead pulling up in a car and whisking the quintet away. Bill decides on a different mode of travel, using some of his new Lilith blood powers and flying away like a “naked living Superman.” The subsequent car ride is about as awkward as you think it would be as they turn on the radio to hear that the Governor of Louisiana is declaring a vampire curfew and shutting down vampire businesses. Given that we see him making a deal with the True Blood maker rep to produce more true blood, I haven’t the slightest clue what to make of the character. But I do know that one should never trust a Southern quoting Andrew Jackson like he did in his press conference.

The group then stops at a random beach to let off some steam but it ends up brining more confrontation. Nobody but Eric seems to be a fan Nora’s as Pam is pissed at Eric for not telling her about Nora and Jason confronts Nora about Warlow, who Nora tells us was Lilith’s prodigy. Also of note in this scene, Bill summoning Jessica so powerfully that when Erica tried to stop her, she threw up blood and was in extreme pain.

We then check in with some of our favorite supporting characters. Andy Bellefleur is having a life crisis given that he has been tasked with caring for the fairy babies he made with that random fairy last season. Though it was funny seeing the kids grow into toddlers in the span of 15 TV minutes, this was the least effective storyline of the episode for me. Luckily the show wisely only spent a few minutes with them, moving onto Sam, who is carrying Luna’s daughter into Merlotte’s. Luna, who if you remember shifted into Steve Newlin in the season finale, decides to stay behind and sacrifice herself so her daughter and Sam could escape the authority.

While everyone else seems to be having a rough go of it, Alcide seems to be enjoying life as the new pack master. After eating the arm of the old pack master (so gross) and being propositioned by a pack mate, he wolfs out and goes on a run with his pack. He stops for a bit, shifting back human, and we are treated to our first werewolf threesome on the show. His old girlfriend is not really here for the other girl who propositioned him but she engages in the threesome telling Alcide not to forget she’s his number one bitch. Well, ok then. This plot line might be worth it just to see Dale Dickey on the show more. Her line reading of “God help us” when Alcide was feeling the power of the pack was hysterical.

Back with the main group, Sookie and Jessica arrive at Bill’s house to find him sitting in a chair like he doesn’t have a care in the world. The happy reunion is ruined when Eric and Nora attack Bill, who easily handles the duo, and Sookie stakes him. This was a shocking moment, only upped by the fact that Bill just pulls the stake out and tells everyone that he doesn’t plan to hurt them, unless they try that again. Sookie wants him to leave Bon Temps but Jessica and Bill give her the vampire version of And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going, instead ordering the others off the property. Bill’s is so forceful that the entire house shakes when he tells them to leave. There’s another scene in this episode where he telekinetically stops a cup from spilling, is he the male version of the Phoenix/Jean Grey or Carrie? Only time will tell. Eric walks Sookie home and in a nice scene gives her the deed back to her house, which she promptly orders him out of. Everyone’s just getting kicked out left and right.

Jason is nowhere to be found when all of this is going down, having stormed off angrily after his conversation with Nora. He’s walking down the street when a car with a strange old man (Rutger Hager) comes and offers him a ride. Bless Jason’s heart but he really isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, telling this random guy everything about his life and dealings with vampires. Suddenly he sees a brief glimpse of his parents in the backseat but his driver tells him that he’ll never be able to keep Warlow away from Sookie. Yep, the driver is indeed the vamp everyone fears and he disappears just before Jason can shoot him, leaving the car to go careening down the road.

The episode ends with Bill confiding in Jessica that he needs her to help keep him sane. There was a lot of invoking of Southern heroes and villains and Bill’s lesson about General Sherman seemed to fit this mold. Jessica agrees to help Bill but that may be a tough task as Bill is having visions of Lilith’s torture and gets possessed by her just before the credits roll.

Overall, this episode was a good return to form for the series but I’m still cautious about where the series will go from here. What did you all think of the premiere?