TV Ratings: NBC Already Renewed Seven Series, Including ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 7 Renewal

As part of our look at the TV ratings, we’ve already covered ABC and Fox in the past two weeks. It’s now time for us to check out NBC, who has been busy at announcing their latest renewals. With seven series already renewed, and four others looking like strong candidates for more seasons, Universal should be happy. Let’s check out the current state of NBC TV and what to watch for in the coming weeks.

TV Ratings/Scorecard for NBC (Feb. 2019)

Confirmed Renewals

  • “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (Season 7)
  • “Chicago Fire” (Season 8)
  • “Chicago Med” (Season 5)
  • “Chicago P.D.” (Season 7)
  • “The Good Place” (Season 4)
  • “New Amsterdam” (Season 2)
  • “Will & Grace” (Season 11)

While Jack Donaghey never made it 1997 again (through science or magic), things at NBC are certainly boding well at the Peacock. “Football Night in America” and “Saturday Night Live” are thriving, and allow them to take bigger risks the rest of the week. As far as narrative programming is concerned, the procedurals continue to carry the network. “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med,” “Chicago PD,” and “New Amsterdam” each score above a 1 in the 18-49 demographic. They also bring in large numbers outside that group. Right now, they are working as the tentpoles of the network’s lineup.

While “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” seemed like it was coming back to NBC to wrap up, it has become the highest rated non-drama on the network. This made its renewal an easy call. Considering “Brooklyn” might have hit a new level in terms of quality, it is possible a few more seasons may be on the way.

DArcy Carden The Good Place

Fellow Mike Schur creation “The Good Place” has legitimately good numbers for a high-concept comedy. Posting an 0.83 proves putting it on Netflix helped to bring it into the public consciousness. “The Good Place” feels as if it will wrap up in the next two seasons, so the ratings ensured we can see the end as Schur and his team envisioned.

Finally, “Will & Grace” has dropped off, but the numbers remain comforting. This has become the comfort food of NBC and will find itself in the awards hunt again. However, if it does not start picking up a prize here and there, it might wrap up this leg in the near future.

Very Likely Renewals

  • “Law & Order: SVU”
  • “Manifest”
  • “This Is Us”

It has seemed a little puzzling we have not heard about official renewals for “Law & Order: SVU” or “This Is Us” yet. That said, both are certainly safe. NBC would not be so cold that they would cancel “Law & Order” without warning. The franchise was their standout for years. If nothing else, Mariska Hargitay and Ice T deserve a Dwayne Wayne style farewell tour.

Sterling K Brown This Is Us

“This Is Us” continues to draw the highest ratings on the network, and it is not close. Scoring more than double the audience “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” this one is a lock. While this season has been slower than the last, audiences are still tuning in. It’s bulletproof in the ratings department. Now the question shifts to Dan Fogelman‘s plans to complete the story. Will it take five, six, or seven seasons? Time will tell.

Finally, “Manifest” has absolutely surpassed my wildest expectations by remaining on the air. I thought the audience would drop off after the pilot, yet it has caught on in a big way. The melodramatic mystery has kept viewers hooked. Hat tip to “Manifest,” and who knows where the next season will take its audience.

Likely Renewals

  • “The Black List”
  • “Superstore”

Superstore NBC

“Superstore” has put up surprisingly strong ratings (0.87), scoring it higher than “Will & Grace” this season. That bodes well for its chances. America Ferrera and Nico Santos are giving exciting performances to boot. While it seems unlikely either will break through for an Emmy, “Superstore” might be NBC’s most underrated comedy right now.

Meanwhile, “The Black List” seems to have slowed its momentum considerably. It does not seem like it will get cancelled without a proper conclusion. If it was announced next season would be its last, that would not shock me either. If it does get the renewal, it will be the lowest rated show on the network to return.

Bubble Shows

  • “Blindspot”

This is the only one on the fringes of cancellation. It gets the benefit of a Friday night slot, but even that might not save it. Currently, “Blindspot” has a 0.49 rating and that is not good. Disney/ABC might want to stay in business with Jaime Alexander, but other than that, there seems to be little benefit to keeping it on. Perhaps they’ll move on and see if something can strike gold in the slot.

Cancelled or Heading for Cancellation

  • “I Feel Bad”
  • “Midnight, Texas”

Midnight, Texasalready received the ax. NBC decided to end the season for “I Feel Bad” in December. While no announcement has been made yet, it seems unlikely that Amy Poehler can keep it afloat. There was probably no pilot I wanted to root for more than this one, and that’s why it’s lack of success is so disappointing.

Which shows do you think will survive the ratings at NBC? Which shows will get cut? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below! 


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