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TV Recap: ‘Outlander’ 5×4 “The Company We Keep”

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Starz's "Outlander" with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan

The fourth episode of “Outlander’s” fifth season wasted no time with an opening scene and instead jumped right in. Cue colonial American style opening theme and music of “The Skye Boat Song.” … Sing me a Song of a Lad that is Gone...“

Captain Roger (Richard Rankin) guides the militia through a trading post in Brownsville when a man starts to shoot at them. The shooter wants them to turn over one of their fellow soldiers. It seems there is some kind of feud revolving around the daughter of the shooter and this soldier. Roger, who has no military experience, decides to hand the man over instead of risking someone getting shot.

Meanwhile, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) arrives at Fraser’s Ridge after a trip to town. She discovers a foreign coin in Jemmy’s things and learns it was a gift from an Irishman. Bonnet?

Roger’s got the disgruntled father inside now, and he is no longer attempting to kill anyone. This seems like a positive. Roger’s got the alcohol out. Liquid courage? He informs the upset father he must give some men to the movement, but the father only wants the one who dishonored (deflowered, probably) his daughter.

Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) stop on their trek to rejoin the militia and fill up on water. Claire seems to be bonding with the baby that was abandoned with them last episode. Jamie, although he’s sweet with the kid, wants to drop her off with someone else as soon as possible. This may end up being quite the fight.

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Fergus finds Roger and tells him they’ve got a problem. What else could go wrong? Apparently, some of the guys in the militia have taken off because they disagree with Roger for saying he’d turn over the slutty guy — Isaiah is his name.

Claire and Jamie finally catch up with the militia. Jamie informs the twins he has secured their papers, but he won’t let them join the fight because they are too young. Fergus and Roger have all the whiskey open, and Roger tells Jamie about the guys that have taken off. Jamie can’t believe Roger just handed him over. Roger argues that he needed the men alive.

Jamie and Roger find Isaiah tied up in the back. Jamie says he has to marry the woman if he dishonored her, but Isaiah is already married. Well, that’s just great! Now, Jamie tells him to run. He better hurry.

Claire finds a woman in town who has recently given worth in order to feed the baby. The lot of women talk about the Beardsley woman and the fact that the baby is half black. They also mention an article in the paper about preventing pregnancy. Claire seems surprised by the article.

Roger is singing again (he sings a lot in this episode), and Jamie and Claire discuss what they are going to do next. Claire admits the article in the paper is hers. She wonders who would have sent it the paper. After some fishing, they discover Fergus accidentally sent the article in with the call to form the militia.

At that moment, the captive is discovered missing. Everyone gets very upset. And the two sides almost start shooting each other. But they all get together in order to talk it out. The dispute resolves quickly, and they all agree to ride together toward the British.

Brianna is home and has a bit of a freak out when she can’t find Jemmy. But the kid just wandered outside. She seems to be slowly losing her cool. Dealing with the fallout of her rape essentially all alone doesn’t seem to be working out.

Jamie and Claire, along with all the militia, will stay one night in Brownsville before they all head out. The women tell Claire they will take the baby if she wants. Claire does not give an answer. Later, the young girl who was deflowered by Isaiah confides to Claire she is upset that Isaiah left. She says she wants to follow him. Claire drops the bomb that he is already married. This breaks the girl’s heart. No one will want her now. Claire deduces that she is with child.

Brianna sits with Marsali. She tries to brush off her Marsali, then confesses she killed her abusive father. Actually, he died in prison, but Marsali’s point is that thinking something doesn’t make it come true. It’s nice to see the two of them bonding.

Claire gets a glimpse of the deaf twin’s tonsils. There is an infection. Ouch! She needs to perform surgery and needs penicillin. Claire will take the twins back to Fraser’s Ridge, with Roger as their escort. Roger thinks this is a “demotion”, but actually it’s quiet a compliment. Claire is the most important thing to Jamie. This is definitely a sign Jamie is warming up to Roger.

As the night goes on in Brownsville, there is dancing and drinking. Jamie takes center stage, and Claire looks on with eyes filled with love. Alone, Jamie asks Claire if she wants to keep the baby. But Claire says the baby could stay in Brownsville. They share a beautiful moment, grateful for what they have shared in their lives. But not too fast — beautiful moments only last so long on “Outlander.” They hear a gunshot. It’s the young woman with child. She’s trying to kill herself.

Jamie and Claire find the girl before she can go through with it. They get her back to town, and lo and behold Isaiah shows back up. He declares his love for the girl, and states he never loved his wife from an arranged marriage. The two embrace and want to be together. In the name of love, Jamie, Claire and Roger sneak the two out of town. In the name of love, indeed.

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