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TV Recap: ‘Outlander’ 5×9 ‘Monsters and Heroes”

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Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin in "Outlander"

**A recap of “Outlander” 5×8 “Famous Last Words” did not run last week.**

Episode nine of the fifth season of “Outlander” begins with a familiar theme. Cue colonial American style opening theme and music of “The Skye Boat Song.” … Sing me a Song of a Lad that is Gone…“

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) examines a pregnant Marsali (Lauren Lyle). Everything is going well in her pregnancy, and she is happy to have Claire around. Marsali thinks of Claire as her Ma. These two have come to love each other after all of these years.

Roger (Richard Rankin) is back from the silence and happier than ever with Brianna (Sophie Skelton). Jamie (Sam Heughan) interrupts the couple’s morning bliss. He is looking for someone to go hunting with. Brianna is a better shot, but she has things to do around the farm. Jamie is stuck with Roger. The two are still not quite on the same page.

While out shooting buffalo, Jamie is bitten by a snake. Roger has to cut the bite open and suck out the venom. The two are definitely closer now. Jamie cannot walk, so Roger must head back to get help.

Back on the farm, the women are dying clothes. Brianna wonders what her calling is during “this” time. She did not get to finish her degree and does not know what she, or Roger for that matter, should do. Claire is a good mother and provides comforting words.

Roger heads off in search of the rest of the hunting party. Little does he know, the party is back at Fraser’s Ridge. They thinks Roger and Jamie must have set up camp for the night.  Meanwhile, snake bitten Jamie does not look too hot. He is in pain, shaking and feverish. Jamie wants Roger to watch out for his family. But he also wants Roger to kill Bonnet. Roger does not know if he can take another life. “There is a fine line between a monster and a hero,” Jamie says. Roger tells Jamie he will have to teach him to fight, if he wants his help killing Bonnet.

Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin in “Outlander”

In the morning, young Ian (John Bell, glad to have him back) finds Jamie’s horse on the property. But where are Jamie and Roger? At that moment, Roger is actually carting Jamie through the woods on a pretty nice little makeshift stretcher. Jamie is sure this is the end, but Roger prays to God and continues to drag his father-in-law back to Fraser’s Ridge.

Ian and Fergus call out for Roger and Jamie in the woods. Roger hears the calls and gets their attention. They ride Jamie to the doctor. With Jamie on her table, Dr. Claire is at a loss for what to do. She gives him penicillin broth and tells everyone to look for maggots to eat the dead flesh. Claire may have to remove Jamie’s leg, but Jamie won’t hear of it.

While Roger and Brianna are searching for maggots, Roger tells her about the plan in motion to kill Bonnet. The other “happy” news is that Bonnet may seek to claim Jemmy. Brianna does not believe it. Neither would I.

Maggots are found and brought to Claire. Then, if there was not enough drama, a buffalo comes onto the property and chases Brianna. Claire shoots the buffalo. Who needs a hunting party when you have Claire?

Jamie does not want his leg removed. He complains to Roger and Ian about loosing his leg. He will not let Claire amputate. A man with one leg is not a man. Ian takes offense to this comment; his father has one leg. He tells Jamie he is ashamed of him. This seems to smack some sense into Jamie. Jamie lies in bed getting worse, and Claire lays next to him as he closes his eyes. She promises him she will never leave him. Her touch stirs Jamie back to life. Jamie tells Claire she can take his leg, when the time comes.

Roger shows Brianna the head of the snake that bit Jamie. He took it thinking it may help Claire to know the species. Just as he is about to throw it into the fire, Brianna stops him. She looks at the fangs. Did she think of something?

outlander season 5 episode 8 review famous last words
Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in “Outlander”

Marsali and Fergus (César Domboy) are out in the woods with the kids, when she begins to have contractions. This is not a good time right now! Meanwhile, Claire and Ian get ready to amputate Jamie’s leg. As Claire is about to cut, Brianna bursts into the room. She informs her mom the snake’s fangs are hollow and can act as a syringe. Claire should be able to inject the penicillin directly into Jamie’s bloodstream. Brianna is a lifesaver and an engineer. While everyone is busy with Jamie, Marsali and Fergus welcome a little girl into the world. She’s a cutie.

The penicillin does wonders for Jamie. It appears he will get to keep his leg. Roger tells him he wants to be with him when he goes to meet Bonnet. These two gents are starting to find the love too. With Jamie on the mend, Claire asks him if he really was planning on leaving her. Jamie states he knew Claire’s touch would bring him back. He wanted to stay because Claire needs him, and they love each other. Wise choice to stay Jamie. Wise choice.

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