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TV Recap: ‘Snowpiercer’ Episode 1.7 – “The Universe Is Indifferent”

It is a week of choices, secrets, and sacrifice.

"The Universe Is Indifferent"
Katie McGuinness stars in TNT's "Snowpiercer"

**This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of TNT’s “Snowpiercer.” Proceed at your own risk.**

Andre Layton is still hiding and Melanie Cavill is starting to get desperate. Up in the engine, Javi thinks it’s time to come clean. He argues that telling everyone the truth about Mr. Wilford will take away the power Layton currently holds. But Melanie and Bennett know the balance is fragile and the entire system of Snowpiercer is on the verge of collapse.

Instead, Melanie has a different idea for rooting out Layton and it has everything to do with Miles, currently safe and happy and getting his education as a future engineer. And apparently it’s time for him to take the next step as Melanie announces to the train that the boy will be fast-tracked to the engine.

Melanie also stops by to talk to Dr. Klimpt, who confirms that Layton is the only passenger missing. But some of the sleep drugs are also missing, which leads her to Terence, head of the janitorial staff. He says he doesn’t know where Layton is, but he’ll let her know if he hears anything.

Bennett goes to the school car to pick up Miles, where his class celebrates the promotion and Miss Gillies presents him with a very special gift: a fresh orange. She encourages him to enjoy it right away and then — surprise! — he suddenly gets very sick and has to be taken to the infirmary where — surprise! — Josie is waiting for him. She lets him know the revolution is about to start.

Meanwhile, Layton makes his way back to the Night Car where he convinces Audrey to gather her most trusted associates because he’s got a story for them. Once the group is gathered, he tells them he was thrown in the drawers for the secret he found out, and that it’s one they all know, deep inside.

While plots and investigations go on, it’s Ruth’s day off and she spends going on a date with Commander Grey. They have a lovely time, and Ruth tells the story of a chance meeting with Mr. Wilford that landed her a job on Snowpiercer. Things are going well until the Folgers show up and she realizes it was an excuse to get her alone so they could talk about their plan to overthrow Melanie. The Folgers think Ruth is the ideal person to take over.

Snowpiercer 1.7
Mickey Sumner and Jennifer Connelly star in TNT’s “Snowpiercer”

Melanie finds Zarah in the Night Car and uses her pregnancy as leverage. Zarah identifies Josie as the person who broke Layton out of the drawers. Melanie has Josie brought to her office for an interrogation where she keeps everyone out and attempts to broker a deal. But Josie knows better and refuses to give up Layton’s whereabouts. Her silence costs her a finger.

Terence shows up to chat with Layton and Audrey, and admits he promised to tell Melanie if he saw Layton. They try to convince him to join their plot, but being the corrupt head of the most corrupt division on the entire train, he chooses not to take sides.

Sick from what she did to Josie, Melanie steps out for a minute to compose herself. Bess goes in to check on Josie and is shocked by her injury. They talk and Bess explains that she helped with Layton’s escape because what happened to him was wrong, but that her duty is still to the train. Josie pleads her case, telling Bess protecting the train means protecting everyone on it, including the workers. And then Josie asks for a favor.

Out in the hallway, Ruth finds Melanie and tries to tell her about trouble brewing with the Folgers in First Class. Melanie brushes her aside and snaps at her to just fix it. Stunned, hurt, and resolute, Ruth leaves, presumably to tell the Folgers she’s in.

When Melanie returns to her office, Josie’s hand has been frozen. She breaks it off and the two women get into a fist fight that results in Melanie locking Josie into the room as it freezes, killing Josie. Bess goes to the Night Car to tell Layton.

Melanie takes Miles to the engine. He’s nervous and she comforts him. He wants to know if she’s happy being an engineer. She tells him, “The needs of the train are more important than our happiness. We’re engineers. We keep the world alive.”

Back in the Night Car, LJ Folger watches while Miss Audrey performs. Someone comes and tells her it’s time for her “experience.” She laughs on her way into the room, wondering aloud who she would get to play with this time. She stops laughing when Layton walks in. He says he knows she likes secrets. He asks, “How would you like to know the dirtiest little secret on the whole damn train?”

So now that Terence is out, LJ is apparently in, Ruth may be joining forces with the Folgers, and Josie has tragically been killed, where does the revolution go from here? Everything seems to be lining up.

Are you with us in thinking Mr. Wilford is in one of those drawers? If he is, will that make things better or worse for the Tailies and the Thirdies?

What did you think of this week’s episode, “The Universe Is Indifferent?” Comment below and share!

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