TV Recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 614–Twice as Far


Twice as Far

The dust has settled a little as the people of Alexandria try to get back into a routine after the last two weeks of chaos.

Morgan has constructed a jail cell. When Rick stops by and sees it, he asks why. Morgan says, “So next time, you’ll have choices.”

Carol finds Daryl tending to his newly reacquired motorcycle. They talk about the people who took it and Daryl says he should have killed them. Then he asks, “Hey, the ones who took you and Maggie. What did they do to you?” Carol says, “To us? They didn’t do anything.” And then she walks away.

Awhile later, Carol sits on her porch swing, smoking a cigarette and holding the rosary she used to escape.

Abraham and Eugene have paired up and leave Alexandria.

Spencer does his best to try to score a date with the newly single Rosita, inviting her over for a beef jerky stroganoff. He wears her down and she finally says okay. Denise finds Rosita and Daryl and explains to them that she found a small apothecary on her way out of DC and she wants to go check it out. Daryl and Rosita say they’ll go, but Denise wants to join them. Daryl tries to tell her no, but Denise insists. Rosita says she’s not babysitting by herself, so the three set out in a beat up truck. Apparently Daryl doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift, which is when Denise tries to explain how it works. When they find a tree fallen across the road, they get out and walk. Daryl wants to follow the road, but Denise and Rosita want to follow the railroad tracks because the road is twice as far. Denise goes with Daryl, saying they should stick together, but Rosita takes the railroad tracks on her own.

Abraham and Eugene walk through the rainy streets of whatever local city they have gone to. They banter about hair, of all things, as well as how to Eugene is learning to survive in this world. He says he’s changed and adapted, but Abraham disagrees.

Daryl and Denise arrive at the apothecary and find Rosita waiting. Denise says she didn’t mean to pick Daryl over Rosita, but Rosita brushes it off. Denise asks how Rosita learned to fight, but quickly realizes that the answer is Abraham. She apologizes and Rosita says, “Years from now, he’ll just be another name on a long list of names.”

At the door to the apothecary, Daryl tells Denise to stay back while he and Rosita break down the door.

Abraham and Eugene arrive at their destination and break through the door of a machine shop. Abraham asks what they’re doing and Eugene finally explains that his plan is to manufacture bullets in this shop. He explains why it’s necessary, and Abraham praises him for thinking of it. Eugene talks about what needs to happen next and Abraham says, “I’m gonna hit pause so I can kill this one.” There’s a walker with hardened melted metal all down his face. Eugene calls dibs and says, “Dibs is dibs.” Abraham steps back but Eugene has trouble, so Abraham jumps in to help him. Eugene is mad and they argue. Eugene ends the conversation by saying, “Thank you for your protection. I most certainly needed it between here and Houston, but your services are no longer required…You’ve outlived your usefulness to me.”

Abraham leaves, telling Eugene to find his own way back.

At the apothecary, Daryl and Rosita break through the roll-up window to the pharmacy while Denise waits on the other side of the counter. She wants to tell them which medications to bring, but Daryl says they’ll just take it all. They hear noise coming from the other side of the wall, but Rosita says it sounds like just one and Daryl says it sounds like it’s stuck, so they don’t worry about it. Denise, though, moves toward a door and opens it.

On the other side of the door is a small room. There is a very decomposed walker on the floor, unable to move. It’s leg is still in a cast. Denise keeps looking and finds what appears to be a changing table. There’s old blood and a baby shoe. She panics and runs out, knocking over a display of glass bowls. She waits outside for Daryl and Rosita. When they finish and come outside, they pretend not to notice she’s crying and Daryl says, “Hey, you did good finding this place.”

On the walk back to the truck, Daryl asks Denise about her brother. Turns out she was a twin and he was 6 minutes older and his name was Dennis. She describes him as angry and dangerous and Daryl says, “It sounds like we had the same brother.” When they arrive at the railroad tracks, Daryl starts down them, surprising Rosita. He just says, “This way’s faster, right?”

Walking along the tracks, Denise trails the other two, looking down at crashed and abandoned cars along the way. Something catches her attention and she approaches one, but there’s a walker inside. She calls to Daryl and Rosita that there’s a cooler in the car and she wants to get it, but Daryl says it’s probably not worth the trouble. Denise ignores him and goes to the other door, opening it and drawing the walker’s attention. The walker attacks and Daryl and Rosita hear the noise, running back to rescue Denise who waves them off and kills the walker.

After she throws up, she opens the cooler and finds a 6-pack of soda, including one Orange Crush, like she had tried to get for Tara. Daryl gets angry and yells at her because she could have died. Denise yells back, saying, “You wanna live, you take chances. That’s how it works.”

She starts back along the tracks and Rosita follows, yelling at her for being stupid. Denise stops and says, “Are YOU that stupid? Do you have any clue what that was to me?” (Referencing killing the walker.) She explains she wanted Daryl to come because he makes her feel safe and she wanted Rosita to come because she’s alone, probably for the first time in her life. She says, “I could have gone with Tara. I could have told her I love her and I didn’t because I was scared.” As she’s telling them to wake up, an arrow bursts through her eye and she drops.


Daryl and Rosita raise their guns and find a group of armed men on the other side of the tracks, Eugene their captive. One of them lowers a very familiar crossbow and says, “Well, hell.”


It’s Dwight, the one who took Daryl’s crossbow. Daryl tells him, “I should have done it. I should have killed you.” Dwight says, “Yeah, you probably should have.”

Dwight goes on to explain that the crossbow has a strong kick and that he hadn’t actually been aiming for Denise. He introduces himself to Rosita and then explains that they want to be allowed into Alexandria to take whatever and whoever they want, and that if they don’t get their way, they’ll kill Eugene, followed by Rosita, and lastly Daryl.

Eugene says that if they want to kill people, they should start with their other companion, hiding behind the oil barrels. Abraham has followed the group. Eugene uses the distraction to lunge at Dwight, biting him hard in the crotch. Then the shooting starts.

They take out a few of Dwight’s friends, but Dwight yells out to retreat and they start running away into the woods. Abraham comes out of the woods and he, Daryl and Rosita carry off Eugene, who has apparently been shot. Sadly, they have to leave Denise behind in their hurry to get Eugene to safety.


Back in Alexandria, Daryl and Rosita watch over Eugene. Abraham comes in to say that Rick is on his way and asks about Eugene. Rosita explains that the bullet just grazed him, but that it’s good they got him back when they did and that the anti-biotics they found at the apothecary might have been what saved him.

Eugene wakes up and tells Abraham that he wasn’t trying to kill him at the train tracks, that he was just looking for a moment. He asks if Abraham apologizes for questioning his skills. Abraham says he does and welcomes him to Survival Stage 2. Eugene says, “Don’t need to welcome me. I’ve been here awhile.”

Outside of Sasha’s house, Abraham waits. She comes outside and asks if he’s okay. He tells her that they both have choices. He says, “Could be thirty years for us here. That’s still too short.” Sasha looks on the verge of tears and invites him inside.

At some point they retrieved Denise’s body because Daryl and Carol bury her in the small cemetery. Daryl works and stops to take a drink, but Carol just watches him. She says, “You were right. I knew it when you said it.”

Tobin, Carol’s recent love interest reads a letter while Carol’s voice narrates. She has written a letter to Tobin and to the rest. She explains that everyone wants what they have and that if they survive this threat, there will just be another. She says she loves everyone, but in order to stay she’d have to be able to kill for them and she won’t. She basically explains that she is leaving Alexandria for good and she asks them to please not come after her.

And that’s it for this week’s episode.

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