Sing me a song

The cast must have taken control of the show and locked Scott M. Gimple and Robert Kirkman in a room full of walkers. Because? The unthinkable has happened. This week’s episode, “Sing Me a Song,” shows multiple stories at once! It’s a holiday miracle!

The episode opens on Michonne, walking along a deserted road alone, whistling the tune, “A-hunting we will go.” Naturally, this draws walkers out of the woods and she kills them, and drags their bodies away. She obviously has a plan, but what? Apparently her katana and Rick’s walkie talkie are not part of her plan because she leaves them on the road as she drags away dead walker bodies.


Rick and Aaron wake up in the back of some kind of box truck. When they open the roll door, Aaron says, “Didn’t see that last night.” Rick says, “Didn’t see what?” And of course they don’t show us what.

Instead, they go to two Saviors sitting on the back of a parked truck that looks like the one Carl and Jesus are hiding in. They talk for a bit as they wait for the rest of the convoy to catch up. Then they start up the truck again and keep moving. Meanwhile, Carl and Jesus cut up some of the boxes and Jesus pours syrup out the back. He explains he’s leaving a trail and that they’re getting close. And then Jesus says they should jump out. Carl tells him to go first, so he does. And then, of course, Carl doesn’t follow.

So the truck reaches the Sanctuary and the Saviors start talking about some kind of problem that happened. Two of them climb into the truck to start unloading and Carl shoots them. Then he demands to see Negan, who, of course, is everywhere, so he shows up. He says, “You are adorable.” He asks if Carl picked his gun because it looks cool and then says Carl scares the shit out of him.

Dwight gets the drop on Carl and disarms him, but Negan says that’s no way to treat their new guest and offers to show Carl around.

Daryl is nearby, watching.

Carl won’t take Negan’s hand at first, which Negan lectures him about while taunting him for his missing eye. Carl finally takes Negan’s hand and gets up. Negan also makes a joke about not having time to sleep with any of his wives today, but then looks at Dwight and says, “Maybe one.”

And he also tells Carl he’s a badass.


Negan shows Carl a glimpse of how it works at the Sanctuary as everyone automatically drops to their knees when he’s around. And he says they all get fresh vegetables for dinner without having to use points.

Rosita and Eugene leave to go make that bullet she asked for. Spencer and Father Gabriel are getting ready to leave too. Spencer blames Rick for getting them into this situation. Rosita says he probably has a whole truckload of stuff hidden for himself and to leave her the hell alone. Good girl. She and Eugene leave.


Negan takes Carl into a room to meet his wives. He pulls one of them aside – Sherry, who used to be married to Dwight – and asks about another of the women and her former husband, Mark. Sherry won’t rat out Amber, though. Negan asks, “Did I ever hit one of you?” Sherry says, “No. But I know you. There’s worse.”

He walks over and shoves a beer in Carl’s hand. He then approaches Amber, who is crying. He says he doesn’t want anyone here who doesn’t want to be here, and she can go back to Mark. “But what can’t you do?” She says, “Cheat on you.” Negan goes back over to Sherry and she calls him an asshole. He says, “I know. But the messed up thing is, you like me anyway.”

Daryl and Dwight come in with a tray of food. Daryl asks why Negan has Carl and Negan says it’s none of his business. He sends Dwight and Daryl away again, telling Dwight to fire up the furnace. That can’t be good.


Rick and Aaron are a little desperate because they only have until tomorrow to find stuff for the Saviors. They hop over the fence, evidently looking for trouble.

Spencer and Father Gabriel drive along talking. Spencer asks if hating someone is a sin but Father Gabriel says it depends on your actions. So then Spencer says he hates Rick and he shouldn’t be the leader. Gabriel defends Rick and says, “He didn’t just keep people alive. He brought us all together. He’s not perfect, but he’s a man who finds his way.”

Spencer blames Rick for his family’s deaths. He says the only good thing that can happen now is for Rick not to get back. So Father Gabriel tells him to stop the car and says, “What you’re saying doesn’t make you a sinner, but it does make you a tremendous shit.” And suddenly, Father Gabriel is kind of awesome. Who would have thought? He gets out of the car to walk back to Alexandria alone. (Solo Father Gabriel episode coming soon?)

Spencer runs off into the woods because why wouldn’t he?

And there’s a dead walker up in a tree.

Negan takes Carl into a private room and says, “Let’s get started.” He wants to get to know Carl better. And then he demands Carl take off the bandage over his eye. Carl tries to say no, but Negan reminds him that he killed two men. Carl takes off the bandage and his eye is seriously disgusting. Negan teases him and he starts to cry. And then Negan stops and says, “Damn. Holy hell, kid. Look, I just…it’s easy to forget that you’re just a kid.” He apologizes.

Fat Joseph knocks on the door to let Negan know he forgot Lucille down by the truck. He finishes with Carl by telling him he looks rad and that he shouldn’t cover up his eye because no one will mess with him. Joseph leaves and Negan demands Carl, “Sing me a song.”

Carl tries to say he can’t, but Negan demands it. Carl sings “You Are My Sunshine.” Negan asks if his mother sang that to him and where she is now. Carl says he shot her. Negan again calls him a little serial killer in the making.

Then Negan tells Carl to get up because it should be ready. Carl asks what and Negan says, “The iron.” This can’t be good.


Negan has everyone gathered together and says they all know what is coming. He wishes he didn’t have to do it, but there are rules. He says they bring civilization back to the world because they are The Saviors. But they need rules. “If you try to cut a corner, then it is the iron for you.”

Matt, who used to be married to the aforementioned Amber, is tied to a chair. Dwight pulls a red hot iron out of the furnace and Negan takes it with gloves. And he burns half of Matt’s face. And now we know what happened to Dwight’s face.

Negan makes Daryl clean up after the mess Matt made and the doctor comes forward to take care of Matt, who has passed out.

Negan reiterates, “The rules matter.” He says he doesn’t ever want to have to do that again but…do we believe him?

He tells Carl they need to go figure out what to do with him and leads him away.

Spencer is back in the woods trying to get at the weapon that belongs to the walker in the tree. He succeeds in getting the weapon, and when the walker falls down too, he finds some useful things in the guy’s pockets, including a piece of paper with writing on it that isn’t easy to make out.

Rosita and Eugene make it to the munitions factory and Rosita says some hurtful things to coerce Eugene into being useful and making her a bullet to kill Negan. He finally gives in.

Anyone else think that bullet isn’t going to end up in Negan’s brain?

Back at the Sanctuary, Dwight and Sherry talk in an empty stairwell. Dwight tells her not to blame herself for selling out Amber and Mark, but she says that’s not what happened. He says, “Whatever helps you sleep at night.” She asks what helps him sleep at night and he says he just watches TV all night. They seem to be talking about some plan, but it’s not clear what they’re plotting.

Carl asks Negan if he can wrap up his face again and Negan says no, because he likes looking at it. Carl asks why Negan hasn’t killed him or his dad or Daryl.

Negan explains, “Daryl is going to make a great soldier. Your dad has already gotten me great stuff. You, on the other hand. Well, we shall see.” He’d rather break Carl. He asks Carl, “What do you think I should do?”

Carl, because he’s a teenager, says he should jump out the window to save the trouble of killing him. He goes on to say that Negan can’t kill them, even though he should.

Negan says, “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I can’t. Let’s go for a ride.”

Two big trucks pull out of the Sanctuary. Jesus is on the roof of the one Negan and Carl are riding in. Negan tells Daryl he’s taking Carl home. Daryl starts to threaten Negan, so Negan orders Dwight to put him back in the box for awhile.

But when they show the top of the truck again, Jesus is gone!

Someone slips a note under Daryl’s door that says “Go Now” and also has a match and a key attached.

A woman driving a Jeep pulls up to a pile of dead walkers strewn across the road. When she gets out to investigate, Michonne holds the katana up to her face and tells her to drop her gun and her knife. She says, “Take me to Negan.” They get back in the Jeep, Michonne now holding the gun on the female Savior. She starts to go and then slams the break and tries to fight Michonne, which doesn’t work at all. Michonne says again, “Take me to Negan.”

Over in Alexandria, Negan and Carl show up at Olivia’s door. Negan asks about Rick, but Olivia is tongue-tied trying to explain that he went scavenging and might not be back today. When she says they’re practically starving, Negan teases her because she’s overweight and she starts to cry. Negan says, “You people seriously don’t have a sense of humor.”

Negan asks Olivia’s name and then says he is sorry for being rude and that they should go upstairs and pass the time waiting. Olivia slaps Negan. He says, “I am about 50% more into you now.”

He tells Olivia to make them some lemonade while Carl takes him on a tour of the house.

There is a brief montage while Negan enjoys things like carpet under his bare feet and running water in the sink and a dart board.

You can hear Negan ask, “What about this one?” Carl says it’s just the water heater and Negan, not believing him, opens the door to find Judith. He picks her up in one of the creepiest moments in “Walking Dead” history.

Rick and Aaron find a property belonging to a guy named Leslie William Starton. A sign says, “The only possible way you could have gotten this far without getting shot is if I am dead.” They keep going and find a pond full of walkers protecting the guy’s supplies.

Rosita thanks Eugene for making the bullet. She apologizes for what she said, but Eugene rejects her apology because she meant what she said. “I’d like to take it back to awkward silence now.”

They walk out onto a road and Spencer pulls up. He shows them supplies he found. Eugene asks how he found it and Spencer shows him the note, which is written in Latin. He says it was a good thing his mom made him study Latin in school. Rosita asks if he’s just going to give it all to Negan and Spencer says, “That’s what Rick wants us to do.”

They get back to Alexandria and find Negan sitting on Rick’s porch with Judith on his lap and Carl next to him. Negan says he’s been thinking about what Carl said earlier and that maybe he should just bury him and his dad both in the flower garden and settle into the suburbs.

And that is the episode.

What did you think? Was “Sing Me a Song” a good episode or just fluff before next week’s mid-season finale? Share your thoughts below!