TV Recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 613 – The Same Boat



Last week’s action-packed episode left us with Maggie and Carol taken hostage by some unseen Saviors.

This week picked up right when Carol and Maggie were taken, after a Savior held a gun to them, they get him on the ground and Maggie hesitates to take him out. So they get taken and the assumed leader of this particular group, a red head named Paula (Alicia Witt) tells Rick through the walkie talkie that they need to talk about a trade. Rick has one of their people, Primo.

Instead of making a prisoner exchange agreement, Paula and her friends take Carol and Maggie to an abandoned slaughterhouse and tie them up. Carol finds a rosary and hides it. Paula talks a whole lot, but nothing is really being accomplished.

Paula and her cronies, Molls and ‘Chelle leave and when they come back with one of their injured friends, Carol starts hyperventilating. Maggie, not sure if Carol is serious or if it’s a ruse, makes a commotion and gets their attention. When they remove Maggie’s gag, she begs them to help Carol, which Paula does. Then she says to Carol, “Even after all of this, you’re still afraid to die?”

She goes on to talk about how weak Carol is and how amazing it is she’s survived this long. Carol just asks that they not hurt Maggie or the baby. This is when Maggie confirms that she is around 2 months pregnant. When one of the other Saviors, Molls, lights up a cigarette, Carol asks her not to do that in front of Maggie and the baby.

Carol says, “Those things will kill you.” Molls pulls out a blood-covered handkerchief and says, “They already have. I’m a dead woman walking. Which puts us in exactly the same boat.”

Paula comes back and tends to Don, with the injured arm. She says they have about 30 minutes until help arrives. Maggie insists that he doesn’t have 30 minutes because his nerves are dying. She says she knows this because her dad lost his leg. She tries to convince Paula to make a deal with Rick so that their man, Primo, can come and help.

Don, the injured man, blames Carol for what happened to him and wants to take revenge. Paula says they need to wait and keep them for insurance. Don just wants to shoot Carol in the arm and Paula still says no. They argue and then he hits Paula across the face and again goes toward Carol, but Maggie kicks his legs out from under him and he goes down hard. Carol also kicks him and finally Paula knocks him out.

Paula finally decides to separate Maggie and Carol and directs ‘Chelle to take Maggie to another room and find out what she knows. The two sit, facing each other, and ‘Chelle comments on Maggie’s clothes, saying that she is dressed well and has time to make babies, so they must be holed up somewhere good. Maggie refuses to say anything about Alexandria, but she does get ‘Chelle to open up about what she lost. It turns out that her boyfriend was one of the guys Daryl took out with the rocket launcher back on the road. Not that either of them know that, exactly, but it’s a nod to the mid-season premiere. ‘Chelle was also pregnant at some point but lost the baby. Oh, and she also tells Maggie, “You’re NOT the good guys. You should know that.”

Maggie says, “I’m not planning to die today.” ‘Chelle says, “Yeah, me neither. Thing is, one of us is wrong.”

Back with Carol, she thanks Paula for helping Maggie and herself. She starts to talk about her husband, Ed, but Paula cuts her off and says, “I see exactly what you are, Carol. You’re pathetic.” She sees Carol playing with the rosary and chides her for believing in that crap. Carol says that her faith got her through the death of her daughter.

Rick calls Paula on the walkie talkie and tries to arrange the meeting. Paula is being coy about it, refusing to arrange anything.

Carol insists that they don’t need to fight, but Molls says they do because Carol’s people attacked them. Carol also says that some of the Saviors attacked some of her people on the road and tried to take everything. Molls says, “Now we finally know what happened to T’s group.” Paula taunts Carol about it. Carol says something about Negan. Molls says, “We are ALL Negan.” When Carol asks what she means, neither of them answer.

Carol bums a cigarette from Molls. Paula taunts her some more about being weak, before she ends up sharing that when the apocalypse started, she wasn’t at home, but was working in DC and was stuck with her boss instead of her husband and four daughters. Her boss was basically worthless and he was the first person she killed. She stopped counting when she got to double digits, which was right around the time she stopped feeling bad about it. She says she’s better than Carol because she lost everything and it made her stronger. She says Carol is a killer because her people are killers.

Carol says, “You’re the one who’s afraid to die. And you’re going to. You will die.” Paula asks, “Are you going to kill me?” Carol says, “I hope not.”

Paula calls Rick on the radio again and agrees to a trade. She tells Rick where to meet them in about 10 minutes. When she ends the conversation, she says that was too easy. Molls just says that they probably just want their people back. Paula points out that there was no static and they have to be close, that they’re probably here and have the place surrounded and will attack as soon as the Saviors come outside since that’s just what they would do. Carol says that Rick is a man of his word and he wouldn’t do that. Paula contacts some of her other people and makes arrangements. Then she and Molls leave Carol alone.

Carol immediately uses the rosary to cut her way out of the tape that’s binding her hands. She finds Molls in the hallway, but isn’t seen and waits for her to move on, then Carol goes to find Maggie, who is also cutting her own way out of the binding. Maggie asks if they’re going to leave the Saviors alive and Carol says, “let’s just go.” Maggie insists that they HAVE to finish this.

They go back and find Don, who has died and is starting to turn. They take the rope from his arm. Maggie says they need to get a gun, but Carol just wants to leave.

Molls comes down the hallway to the makeshift cell and Walker Don attacks her. She stabs him in the head, but not until after he’s bitten her. Then Carol and Maggie jump her and Maggie beats her to death while Carol watches. Maggie grabs the gun and they leave.

Paula comes back and discovers Don and Molls are dead and Maggie and Carol have escaped.

Back in the hallway, Carol and Maggie come across a walker trap. There are walkers stuck to pipes and whatnot that can’t move. Paula finds them and Carol says, “Just run.” Maggie says to shoot her. Paula says, “Just do it. You’ve killed Don and Molly.” Carol still keeps begging her to just run, but Paula says to go ahead because she’s already lost everything.

The gun goes off and Maggie goes after ‘Chelle, who’s wandering the halls looking for everyone. She attacks Maggie and then Carol shoots her. The two go back to the walker hallway where Paula is sitting on the ground, having been shot. “You’re good,” she says to Carol. “You’re not a worthless little bird. If you can do all this, what were you so afraid of, Carol?”

Carol says, “I was afraid of this.”

Paula tries to attack Carol, but Carol shoves her back. She gets impaled on a pipe and a walker starts eating her face.


Carol starts to cry. One of the Saviors calls Paula on the radio, so Carol answers in her best Paula impression, “Meet us on the Kill Floor.”

Upstairs, Carol tells Maggie that none of this would have happened if she had just killed Don right away. Maggie tells her not to think about it because they’re almost done.

Carol lights a cigarette. They can hear men asking if they’re in the right place and they say the door is locked. Carol and Maggie, having lured them into another room, slam the door, but not before Carol drops her lit cigarette onto a puddle of gasoline and ignites the room, burning the Saviors alive.

Carol and Maggie make their way to the exit where the door opens and someone with a gun is coming through. It’s Glenn. They’re reunited. Glenn says, “Are you okay?” Maggie nods.


Daryl asks Carol if she’s okay and she doesn’t answer, so Daryl just says, “Come here,” and wraps her in a hug.

Ricks says to Primo, “I’m going to ask you one last time, where did you get the bike? All your friends are dead. Was Negan in that building last night, or is he here?”

Primo says, “Both. I’m Negan.”

Rick shoots him and Carol looks devastated.

So…what did you think of this long overdue Carol and Maggie Girl Power episode? What did you think of Angela Kang’s script?

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