TV Recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 705: “Go Getters”


The show runners for “The Walking Dead” continue to save money on cast salaries, focusing on Maggie and Sasha in this week’s episode, “Go Getters.”

Maggie and Sasha made it to The Hilltop and good news! Maggie and her baby are both okay. It turns out the placenta separated due to stress. The Hilltop’s doctor, Dr. Carson, says she needs to rest for a few days and then should just plan on staying at The Hilltop until the baby comes. Which is presumably going to be a long time since she isn’t even showing yet.


Maggie and Sasha go to Glenn and Abraham’s graves. Somehow Sasha had Glenn’s pocket watch (which he had received from Hershel), and gives it to Maggie, who puts it on Glenn’s grave.

Jesus comes over and places flowers on the graves. And then Gregory shows up and he’s angry because they don’t bury their dead, they burn them. He’s also mad because the Alexandrites didn’t wipe out the Saviors. Because of this, he orders Maggie and Sasha to leave in the morning. This is mostly because he wants to maintain “plausible deniability” about The Hilltop’s alliance with Alexandria.

There’s a brief Alexandria sighting when Rick prepares to go on a supply run with Aaron. He wants Carl to go, but Carl thinks they should fight the Saviors instead of giving in. So Rick says goodbye to Michonne, who also decided to stay behind. He gives her a walkie talkie, which may or may not end up being useful later.

Carl asks Michonne why she didn’t go with Rick and she says she has some things to figure out.

Then Carl sees Enid climbing the wall. He runs out to ask what she’s doing and she says she needs to go see Maggie. Carl says she shouldn’t go, but also says, “I’m not going to save you anymore.”

Back at The Hilltop, Jesus comes in to talk to Sasha. She asks him to persuade Gregory to change his mind about kicking them out and Jesus says he’ll try. He also gives her Abraham’s necklace, which he “lost” when he was at The Hilltop before the raid on the Saviors’ outpost. The necklace that was, oops, made by Rosita…

Enid is on her own, riding a bike down the middle of the street. There’s a walker and before she can deal with it, a car rams into it. Carl has come along to save her after all.

Then, because “The Walking Dead” has no concept of time, it’s suddenly the middle of the night. Maggie and Sasha wake up to blaring music and a big fire. They look out the window and see the gates are open and the music is coming from an old car. And then some walkers start coming in through the open gates – a lot of walkers, in fact.

They know they need to stop this and get the gates shut, but they are locked inside Jesus’ trailer. Sasha manages to climb out through the roof and moves toward the car. Jesus appears and helps take out a few walkers, but when Sasha gets over to the car, the windows have all been replaced by metal and she can’t get to the radio. It appears the Saviors have done this.

Maggie, against Sasha’s wishes, has also climbed out of the trailer through the roof. She starts showing off her leadership skills by telling the Hilltop folks how to deal with this. And then she spots a tractor and takes care of some walkers as well as the car.


The next day, Carl and Enid keep walking toward The Hilltop. As they walk, they talk about Negan killing Glenn and Abraham. He says he’s glad he watched it and that he didn’t look away because he needs to remember so that he stays motivated to kill Negan. Yeah, good luck with that, teenager. Enid says she couldn’t have watched and she’s glad she wasn’t there. They find some roller skates in a backpack on the side of the road, which is as random as it sounds.

Maggie and Sasha are now in Gregory’s office. Gregory never bothers to get anyone’s name right because he’s a totally effective leader of this community of, what, 12 people? He thanks them for their help last night but says they still need to leave. Although he reveals his dirty old man side by offering to work something out with Sasha. Maggie tells him to go to hell.

The Saviors show up, because they have impeccable timing, and Gregory tells Jesus to hide the women in the closet so he doesn’t get caught with them.

Simon leads today’s group of Saviors. When will this guy finally get eaten by walkers?


Gregory and Simon go into the study. They chat about the previous night and Gregory says he understood the message. But Simon won’t let it go and makes Gregory spell out the message, which is that the Saviors are in charge. Simon also mentions that the Saviors at that outpost were taken out by another group and Gregory pretends he has no idea about it. Simon also says that he likes working with The Hilltop folks because they are “Go Getters.”

And then Simon, whose smile is always a little creepy, asks Gregory if there’s anything else he wants to say. Gregory says there is and they go out into the hall. He moves toward the closet and Jesus very subtly shakes his head. Gregory is about to give up Maggie and Sasha to the Saviors, but when he opens the closet, there’s only a few cases of Scotch.

Simon says he’s not a fan but that Negan will appreciate it, tells the Saviors to take half of everything, and they head out of the house. On their way out, Simon tells Gregory to kneel and he practically can’t get to his knees fast enough.

Back to Carl and Enid, they finally reach The Hilltop and hide outside because they see the Savior trucks. Carl is disappointed that Negan doesn’t seem to be there. Enid gets upset because it turns out Carl wasn’t trying to help her out. He really just wants to kill Negan. And because she’s so upset, she kisses him.


Inside Gregory’s house, Jesus lets Maggie and Sasha out of the closet in Gregory’s bedroom. Gregory’s mad and he and Jesus argue. Jesus stands up to Gregory and calls him out for being a terrible leader. He also threatens to tell on him for the Alexandria deal and Gregory is scared about that.

Then, out of nowhere, Maggie just punches Gregory in the face. Which, let’s face it, everyone has wanted to do for a long time. Except that it turns out Maggie has a good reason. Gregory has Glenn’s pocket watch. He shrugs and says it was just going to get ruined out in the rain. Maggie takes it back.

Jesus, Maggie and Sasha talk about the Hilltop leadership issue. Jesus explains that Gregory was in charge before he even got there and he never really questioned why. He couldn’t see anyone else running The Hilltop before, but he says he can now. He says that as he looks pointedly at Maggie, but then she leaves.

Sasha asks Jesus to find out where Negan lives, but asks him to keep it just between the two of them. Jesus agrees.

Outside, Maggie goes to Glenn’s grave and finds Enid sitting there. They are relieved to see each other.

Later, in Jesus’ trailer, Enid makes dinner. Sasha comes along and they sit at the table together. Maggie says she wanted Glenn’s watch to mark his grave, but she’s changed her mind because they don’t need it. And she hands the watch to Enid, telling her, “I want you to have it.” The three hold hands and pray.

Back outside, the Saviors have packed up their trucks and pull away from The Hilltop. The truck designated for Negan is in the back of the convoy. Jesus jumps into the back. Thankfully it’s not being guarded. He sees the case of scotch and pours it out and then hears someone say, “Hey.” It’s Carl.

Oh boy.

What did you think of this episode? Should Maggie be the new leader of The Hilltop? Is this going to be the end of Carl and Jesus? Share your thoughts!